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Practical ideas on how to equip a summer cottage

Tell me how to equip a summer cottage? Finally, our dream came true and this year we became the owners of 10 acres in a beautiful place by the river. Like everyone else, I want to do everything in my own way, so that it is both comfortable and cozy, including for permanent residence.

how to equip a summer cottage It is good if, when buying a plot, there is already a solid house with all the amenities, the necessary outbuildings, a well-groomed garden with flower beds and a luxurious garden. You don’t have to remodel such a cottage – so, freshen it up a little by making repairs and planting new plants. However, a significant drawback of a well-equipped summer cottage is its price, which bites very much. To date, empty plots are often purchased or with a minimum amount of work done. And then the question arises before the new owners – how to equip a summer cottage? On the one hand, you can fulfill all your fantasies. But, since there is a lot of work, some summer residents find it difficult where to start. In order not to miss anything and make the cottage comfortable, we suggest using our tips.

We draw a project – what and how should be in the country

site project The first step is to carefully consider what is already on the site, what should be and what you want. Moreover, all buildings and plantings should not only be located as conveniently as possible for the owners, but also in accordance with the standards. This will make them legal. Also, maintain good relations with your neighbors on the site.

So, in order to be able to live in the country at least for the duration of the vacation, it is advisable to provide on it:

  1. House. It is immediately worth determining whether it will be summer or all-season. In the latter case, you need to think about how the building will be heated. It can be either a connection to the central gas pipeline, or individual heating (fireplace, stove, electric heating). The dwelling must be at least 3 m from the neighbor’s house and from the road.
  2. Outbuildings. You will need it for storing things, tools, fuel (firewood, coal, pilots). In addition, you can keep a subsidiary farm there if you wish. They need to be located in one place, further from the recreation area. Habitats of birds and animals – at least 4 m from the border with neighbors.
  3. Parking for cars. It is convenient if it is on the northern side of the site, where there are no plantations, while not far from the entrance.
  4. Recreation area (gazebo, benches, playground). Can be placed in the shade, making good use of an area that is not suitable for most plants.
  5. Fencing. It should be borne in mind that your fence should not shade the neighboring area or impede its ventilation..
  6. Garden Garden. Smash on the south side.

It should also be remembered that the compost pit should be located at least 8 m, and the outdoor latrine should be 12 m from the neighbor’s house. Also, their installation must be coordinated with neighbors..

How to equip a summer cottage: what and where to plant

bedsFor horticultural crops, it is necessary to allocate the sunniest side of the suburban area. Plants will not bear fruit in the shade. Shrubs and trees with a spherical crown are best planted in a checkerboard pattern – this way they will give less shade in total.

It is better to place a garden in the background. Ahead of him, break garden beds so that all the plants have enough light. Ornamental garden trees can be planted perimeter of the site for protection from the wind.

Tall trees should not be planted closer than 4 m to the border with neighbors, medium trees – closer than 2 m, and shrubs – closer than 1 m.

rest corner in the countryIf there is little free space on the site, vegetables can be grown in vertical beds or on a trellis. Under low trees, it is also possible to plant garden plants in the trunk circles, as well as between them.

The space under the walls of the buildings would be nice to take under flower beds, planting tall perennials in the background, and compact annual flowers in front. And part of the site that is not used for buildings or plantings – sow with lawn or meadow grass.

Interesting landscape design ideas for a summer cottage – video

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