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Is it possible to give chickens to runny – we introduce greens into the diet of birds

Tell me, is it possible to give chickens to runny? We have a lot of this “good” on the site, the cow does not have time to eat, as it grows again. I ditch the grass for my layers separately – they are in a closed containment, there is no way to release it. Maybe the ill-fated weed will suit them too?

is it possible to give chickens to sleep

Often, poultry farmers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to give chickens to runny. As you know, chickens are one of the most unpretentious birds from the subsidiary farm. They are picky and willingly peck at both grain and various food waste. However, in order for feathered layers and meat broilers to grow healthy, their diet must be monitored and enriched. On one grain, the bird, of course, will survive, only it will start to get sick, lose weight, and egg production will decrease. Green fodder, that is, various herbs, will help to avoid possible problems. It contains many useful substances, thanks to which the bird grows better at the same time, and strengthens the immune system. In the summer, greens should be at least half of the daily intake of the diet. But is any herb suitable for chickens, and will the ubiquitous and almost indestructible dreaming benefit them??

Is it possible to give chickens to sleep

moan Juicy young leaves and petioles of dream are the first vitamin greens in the human diet. They contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals. It will not harm chickens to sleepy, and in the summer they will happily eat green grass, and in the winter they will nibble dried twigs.

The grass can be crushed and mixed with compound feed or simply put into the tray. Chickens will peck it in the usual, plucked, form, only you need to tie the whine in bunches and hang it. Otherwise, the bird will just trample it.

What herb is good for chickens

what kind of grass can chickensIn addition to sleepiness, such plants are also suitable for feathered pets, especially young ones:

  • dandelions;
  • spurge;
  • alfalfa;
  • sorrel;
  • Clover;
  • plantain;
  • wheatgrass;
  • duckweed;
  • wood lice;
  • cereals.

But some plants can greatly undermine the health of the bird and even lead to death. So, you can not give chickens elderberry and wild garlic, wormwood and potato flowers, foxglove and comfrey. With caution and only for medicinal purposes, celandine should be added to the green mass. It causes frustration, vomiting and breathing difficulties. There is an opinion that the chicken is a stupid bird. But if you watch the birds walking freely in the wild, you can see that they do not eat all kinds of grass. Choosing only what is useful, chickens themselves bypass crops that are dangerous to them..

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