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What kind of meat-breeding chickens to start – choose the most productive bird for a private backyard

Advise what kind of meat-breeding chickens to get for yourself, not for sale. Previously, I only kept layers and a few cockerels for broth, for me this was enough. But now grandchildren have already appeared, they are slowly growing up. I would also like to help children a little, at least with homemade products. To avoid eating chemically-stuffed chicken legs and who knows what kind of eggs.

what chickens of meat breed to get For a private subsidiary farm, it makes no sense to keep separate chickens for meat and eggs. It is much more profitable both in terms of feeding and the yield of finished products, to breed universal birds. When choosing which chickens of the meat-bearing breed to start, it is worth paying attention to two indicators. First, how many eggs are laid by chickens per year, and at what age. And, secondly, how quickly they gain weight, and what it will be in adults.

What kind of meat-and-meat chickens to get

features of meat-eating chickens The main feature of meat breeds is the simultaneous high combination of high meat indicators and the number of eggs laid. In addition, such chickens are distinguished by good health and endurance, they can be kept in any climate. The bird is not capricious and undemanding, has a calm character and does not have special feeding preferences. A warm and light chicken coop and a balanced diet – that’s all she needs.

The only drawback of universal breeds is that almost all of them lack a maternal instinct. Such chickens rarely become brood hens. Therefore, in order to continue breeding, you will have to either update the farm by purchasing chickens, or use an incubator. The last decision is not the worst, because the roosters do an excellent job with their role and the fertilization of eggs is at a high level..

As the practice of poultry farmers shows, one of the most unpretentious breeds with high productivity rates are chickens:

  • Silver Adler;
  • Faverol;
  • California;
  • Orpington;
  • Black bearded;
  • Plymouth Rock.

Breed of chickens Silver Adler

Chickens Sebery AdlerNot very large, but muscular chickens with a straight back, an elongated body and a wide chest. The plumage is white, dense, the tail, the tips of the wings and the neck are decorated with black feathers. They begin to lay as early as 4.5 months, producing more than 200 eggs per year. Roosters weigh up to 4 kg, chickens 1 kg less. The nature of the bird is calm, the body is hardy, it adapts well to the temperature conditions of detention.

Chickens Faverol

chickens faverollesThey are very decorative. The oblong body is adorned with lush plumage of blue, salmon or silver color. Chickens are more squat. The short legs are covered with a few feathers. Laying hens give up to 180 eggs per year, weigh no more than 2.5 kg, but their meat is very tasty, tender. Roosters are almost 2 times larger.

California chickens

california chickensNot very large chickens weighing a maximum of 2.5 kg give a record number of eggs per year – 240 pieces. The weight of the males is 1 kg more, which is also not bad. The body of the birds is normal, the plumage is of medium density, but beautiful, variegated, white with black or gray-blue.

Chickens Orpington

orpington chickensEnglish breed of very beautiful chickens with a massive body on short legs. The plumage is short, but dense, of the most varied color, from black to fawn. Laying hens give almost two hundred eggs per year, weigh up to 2.6 kg, roosters – up to 4 kg.

The breed is prone to obesity, but has one huge advantage – chickens are excellent hens..

Breed of chickens Black Bearded

black bearded chickensVery unusual birds with a short body covered with black plumage, a short comb and a small beard. Layers of medium size, up to 2 kg, yield 200 eggs per year, moreover, they often become hens. The weight of males ready for slaughter reaches 4 kg.

Chickens Plymouth Rock

plymouth rock chickensOne of the largest breeds: roosters weigh up to 6 kg, hens are 2 times smaller. The meat is tasty and tender. The birds are also spectacular with their large eyes, lush tail and thick dense plumage. Depending on the species, it can be yellow, blue, silver, white, striped. Egg production is also at a high level – 180 pieces per year, starting from the age of five months.

Meat chickens Amroks

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