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Is it possible to feed chickens with pumpkin and how is it useful for them

You’re asking: “Good afternoon, can you please tell me if it is possible to feed chickens with pumpkin? We have our own vegetable garden, we try to ensure that the poultry have natural feed and vitamins. I always plant a lot of cucumbers and don’t choose everything on purpose. I leave it to overgrow, and then I rub it on a grater and give it to the chickens – they eat with pleasure. Now our pumpkin is ripening, a lot of fruits have been set this year. The bird will eat it and can it be rubbed and given raw too? “

is it possible to feed chickens with pumpkin

We answer: It does not matter for what purpose you raise chickens, for meat or for egg products, they must receive adequate nutrition. Good weight gain and egg production depend on a balanced diet. Garden crops are one of the most affordable sources of natural vitamins and it is not surprising that many are interested in whether it is possible to feed chickens with pumpkin. If you have a vegetable garden, it is much easier to provide the bird with natural vitamins without resorting to chemical additives. And also to reduce the cost of feeding it. In the summer, when there is lush grass and a lot of greenery around, there are no problems with a variety of diet. In winter, however, you have to be content with only stocks from the cellars – root crops and, of course, pumpkin. But will a bird eat it, and are orange fruits really good for it??

Is it possible to feed chickens with pumpkin

is pumpkin good for chickens

Pumpkin is a dietary food. It contains only 0.1 g of fat per 100 g of pulp, and absolutely no cholesterol. While some poultry farmers claim that chickens grow fast on pumpkin, this is more due to good feeding based on cereal mixtures. Juicy and sweet orange flesh not only chickens, but also other poultry peck with pleasure, especially in winter, when they are on “dry rations”. At the same time, they do not get fat and continue to rush well..

Giving pumpkin to chickens is not only possible, but also necessary. It is not only tasty and contains the necessary trace elements and vitamins, but also has a positive effect on the work of the whole “chicken” body:

  • soothes, which will be especially useful for pugnacious cockerels;
  • improves blood circulation and heart function, maintaining the health of birds;
  • improves metabolic processes, serving as the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • helps to get rid of worms in chickens;
  • cleanses the liver, which prolongs the life of the bird.

Not only pulp, but also pumpkin seeds will be useful for chickens. They are also a good folk anthelmintic. And also – a source of useful substances such as zinc, iron, calcium and others.

How best to feed a pumpkin to a bird

how to give pumpkin to chickens

Pumpkin seeds can be given in any form, even unpeeled. But if you want to use them as an anthelmintic, then first clean and dry a little. To this end, feed the chickens seeds in the morning, while they have not yet eaten..

Pumpkins can be fed to a bird from 10 days of age. For one adult per day, 20 g is enough. For the bird to eat better, grate the fruit and add to a wet mash along with boiled potatoes. Although, having tasted the pumpkin, the chickens are happy to eat it and just like that, in a grated form. You can also make a feeder from the fruit. Cut them in half, and pour grain or a mash in the middle. Having pecked all the contents, the bird will start at the feeder itself and slowly peck it to the very crust..

Feeding chickens with pumpkin and sprouted wheat

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