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We save the bird from infections and viruses – what antibiotics for geese will help cure them

Tell me, what antibiotics can you give for geese if the bird starts wheezing, becomes lethargic and does not eat well? I also noticed liquid discharge in several individuals, very similar to diarrhea, only as if with foam. There is no way to call the veterinarian, he is on sick leave, and I’m afraid to wait any longer. What kind of disease it can be, and how to treat geese?

antibiotics for geese Geese are considered the most hardy birds, and given that they spend most of the time grazing and are heavy, it is very profitable to raise them. However, even this bird with high immunity, especially weak young animals, is not immune from diseases. And if the disease is also infectious, then most often the most effective and only solution will be to use antibiotics for geese. In the presence of an infection, especially in an acute form, it will not be enough to diversify the meager diet with vitamins, and to put things in order in the poultry house. Of course, cleanliness in the room where the bird lives is an indispensable condition for keeping and guaranteeing their health. But viruses and infections can only be killed with special drugs, otherwise the geese may die completely. What is this bird sick with, and what medications are used to treat it?

Diseases of geese requiring antibiotic therapy

diseases of geese that are treated with antibiotics “Heavy artillery” must be connected when a bird has symptoms of an infectious or viral disease:

  1. Viral enteritis. It affects almost all internal organs, even the brain. Geese become weak on their paws, inactive, discharge appears from the nose, appetite disappears.
  2. Aspergillosis. The fungus growing in damp conditions enters the body and affects the respiratory organs. Geese become passive, they have shortness of breath, phlegm from the nose, loss of appetite, wheezing.
  3. Colibacillosis. Intestinal infection, manifested by frothy diarrhea, thirst.
  4. Salmonellosis. It affects the digestive tract and after two days the bird becomes lethargic, drowsy, wheezing. Then conjunctivitis and diarrhea begins..
  5. Pasteurellosis. Goslings are most often affected, they begin to drink a lot, foamy mucus flows out of their beak, breathe with wheezing, defecate with blood. Convulsions are possible.

Antibiotics for geese

broad spectrum antibioticsFor the treatment of both young animals and adults, antibiotics with a wide spectrum of action are mainly used. One of these is Baytril with the active ingredient enrofloxacin. It destroys pathogens sensitive to it, such as salmonellosis, enteritis, colibacillosis, mycoplasmosis. The drug is produced in liquid form, it is added to the ode and the geese are drunk for 3-5 days, depending on the disease. Baitril’s analogs are Vetaflok, Enroxil, Floxacin – they have the same active ingredient, but may be in a different dosage.

Human antibiotics can also be used to treat poultry. If suddenly there were no veterinary drugs in the first-aid kit, you can give the geese Metronidozole, Trichopol, Biseptol, Amoxicillin.

Veterinary drugs such as Tetracycline, Penicillin, Oxytetracycline, Biomycin, Furazolidone also have a wide spectrum of action..

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