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The ancient and unpretentious Lorkh potato – what harvest will please and why is it still popular

What type of potatoes are Lorkh potatoes in terms of crop maturation and how well are the tubers stored? This variety was shared by our old friend, who has been growing it for a long time, but he lives in Krasnodar, and we are in the Urals. After staying, we took with us two buckets of seed material as a gift. Now I’m thinking whether it was worth doing, because our climate is colder, which means that the ripening dates do not coincide. We plant mainly varieties for storage, so that we have our own potatoes until the next harvest. And this potato will have time to ripen?

lorch potatoes Over its almost 100-year history, Lorkh potatoes have not lost their popularity at all and still remain the most popular. High yield, excellent taste and keeping quality of universal root crops allow you to grow it not only for personal needs, but also for sale. And the unpretentiousness of plants practically does not impose territorial restrictions..

Lorkh potatoes – variety description

description of the potato variety lorch The domestic variety is one of the first representatives of the Soviet selection. The result of the painstaking work of scientists turned out to be almost perfect. Even in comparison with modern unpretentious varieties, this potato is not only not inferior in many respects, but even surpasses them..

Sprawling tall bushes are densely leafy and grow many lateral branches. This should be taken into account, leaving more space between the holes so that the plants are not crowded. Slightly dissected leaf plates of medium size, but the inflorescences are very lush and beautiful, with purple corollas.

The potato variety Lorkh adapts well to temperature changes and soil composition. He has no special requirements for the last factor, so potatoes can be grown in any soil. The exception is heavy and dense clay soils, on which tubers are crushed and deformed..

The old variety Lorkh received official registration back in the 30s. Due to its resistance, it can be grown in the central zone and even in the northern regions. The only thing that should be taken into account is the moisture-loving variety. Drought significantly reduces its yield..

The domestic variety has good immunity, it is resistant to most viral diseases of the culture. But it is susceptible to golden nematode, scab, late blight and cancer. It can also suffer from a wireworm.

Productivity and fruiting

potato tubers lorchIn terms of ripening, Lorkh potatoes are medium late. The crop can be harvested 80-100 days after germination. From 15 to 20 tubers are formed under each bush, and the total yield from 1 hectare reaches 350 centners.

Lorkh’s tubers are quite large, each on average about 100 g, and they are collected “in a heap”, because the roots of the plant do not grow very much. The shape of the potatoes is slightly elongated, the skin is beige, slightly peeling at the top. The eyes are small, located on the surface of the peel. The white pulp on the cut has a yellowish tint and does not darken during heat treatment. The starch content is up to 20%, so the variety is considered universal. From crumbly potatoes, you can make mashed potatoes, fry, bake, and also make starch from it. It is also important that the keeping quality of tubers is more than 90%. Potatoes keep well throughout the winter and may even last until the next harvest..

Pros and cons of the variety

pros and cons of potato lorchVintage Lorkh potatoes continue to be in demand due to the following benefits:

  • yield;
  • large tubers with crumbly pulp;
  • long-term storage;
  • transportability;
  • the versatility of using tubers;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • good immunity.

One of the main disadvantages is considered to be an increased demand for moisture, especially at the stage of active growing season. In addition, the variety does not have immunity from all diseases..

Video review of the Lorkh potato variety

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