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How hardy is the Allegro pear variety and how long can the fruits lie after picking

You’re asking: “Is the Allegro pear variety suitable for growing in the middle lane and how long are the fruits stored? My tree is six years old and just now has its first harvest. Plucked a couple of pears, but they are still a little sour, I hope that we were in a hurry, and not this sort. By the way, my parents planned to plant the same pear, but their climate is colder. The pear survived our central winters without any problems, but will it withstand frosts of minus 25 ° C or more? “

Allegro pear variety

We answer: Among the summer varieties, the Allegro pear variety stands out for its stability and unpretentiousness. Unlike many of its “congeners” in terms of ripening, this pear has a very high frost resistance. It is not surprising, because one of the parents of the variety was the famous Osennyaya Yakovleva pear. She inherited not only endurance, but also excellent taste characteristics..

Pear variety Allergo – characteristic features

pear tree allegro

For almost 20 years now, the Allegro summer dessert pear has passed varietal tests and received official registration in the State Register. The new domestic variety, bred by the Tambov breeders, was initially considered zoned for the Central Black Earth Region. But, as practice has shown, the tree turned out to be very frost-resistant. Even a one-year growth can withstand frosts down to minus 35 ° C practically without damage. Therefore, pears are successfully grown in more northern regions: in Ryazan, Moscow region, Kaluga, Tula..

The tree itself is medium in size and has a slightly spreading crown. In addition, the pear is also drought-resistant. She may well do without watering for a while. True, this affects the yield, but it does not pose a threat to “life”. And the immunity of the variety is also at a height, especially the resistance to scab pleases.

Fruiting and taste characteristics

allegro pear fruit

The first fruiting occurs in the Allegro pear rather late – 5-6 years after planting. But it has an extended period. The fruits ripen gradually almost throughout the month of August. At the stage of technical ripeness, they are green, as they ripen, they turn yellow. A blurred burgundy blush appears on a barrel that has been exposed to sunlight..

Pears have a classic elongated shape with a wider tip. The average weight of each is at least 120 g. The skin is smooth, almost not felt when eaten. Out of the maximum possible five points, Allegro’s pear scored 4.3. Fully ripe fruits will delight you with a very delicate sweet pulp, quite dense, but fine-grained and not tart.

Allegro is a dessert variety that is grown for fresh consumption and for processing. Ripe fruits removed from the branches are stored for no more than a week. You can slightly extend the time frame by ripping them off while the pears are still green and have not started to turn yellow. And even then they will not lie longer than two weeks.

The Allegro pear is self-fertile. In order for its yield to correspond to the declared high level (more than 160 centners per hectare), pollinators need to be planted nearby. Pears Chizhovskaya and Augustovskaya dew are best suited for this role..

Pros and cons of the variety

Pros and cons of Allegro pears

We must pay tribute to the scientists, because they managed to bring out a really good variety. The Allegro pear has many advantages:

  • high winter hardiness;
  • yield;
  • compact size of the tree;
  • excellent taste and beautiful presentation of the fruit;
  • drought resistance;
  • scab immunity.

The summer variety has only two drawbacks: the need for replanting pollinators and the short storage time of the crop..

Allegro pear video review

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