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How to get birch sap without harm to birch trees

Tell us how to get birch sap? We have moved to another land for permanent residence, there is a birch grove nearby. Locals say they go there every spring for a delicious drink. My wife and I also decided to go “hunting”, especially since we love juice very much. We often buy a store drink, but it would be interesting to try a natural product.

how to get birch sap What can be tastier than a natural drink, especially when it comes to freshly harvested birch sap? Transparent, with a delicate aroma and delicate taste, it is a real treasure of useful substances and vitamins. Do you know how to get birch sap without harming the tree itself? Unfortunately, large but dried birches are not uncommon in places where the extraction of this drink reaches an industrial level. Trying to take as much “catch” as possible, unscrupulous collectors pump out all the nutrient fluid, leaving the tree no chance to survive. And all that is necessary is to adhere to certain rules in order to please yourself and not harm the birch. And then next year she will be able to share her wealth again..

When is it better to collect juice from birches

how to make a hole for juice Active sap flow in trees begins with the arrival of the first heat, and birches are no exception. From about the second half of March, when thaws are already dominating everywhere, you can safely go to the forest. It is better to do this closer to lunchtime, but no later than 18.00. After sunset and at night, the current is less intense and almost stops. In a birch grove, you need to find a bright glade, where trees earlier wake up from hibernation. Then, later, you can move deeper into the grove..

You need to finish the collection by mid-April, when leaves begin to appear on the branches.

How to get birch sap: technology and main collection rules

collection of birch sapThe collection process itself is quite simple. In the trunk of the tree, at a height of 40 cm from the soil level, you need to drill a hole up to 3 cm deep. You can make a cut with a knife. Insert a groove into the hole and place any clean container under it. This can be a bottle, a bucket, or even a tight bag. At the end of the collection, remove the groove and be sure to cover the slot with wax or other similar material..

The sap will flow harder from the south side of the tree..

In order for the collection procedure to take place with minimal damage to birch, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Young trees with a diameter of less than 20 cm must not be touched.
  2. On a birch with a diameter of up to 25 cm, you can make no more than one hole, up to 35 cm – 2, up to 40 cm – 3. On a tree with a trunk of more than 40 cm, you can cut 4 cuts.
  3. From one large tree, it is advisable to take no more than 3 liters of juice per day, if the birch is medium-sized – and at all only 1-2 liters.

How to properly collect birch sap using medical dropper systems – video

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