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Lawn verticutter – what is it?

I would like to know what it is – a lawn cutter and what is it used for? What is its principle of operation, and is there a difference between a verticutter, aerator and a scarifier? What are the features of its application, and what should be guided by when choosing a quality tool?

A verticutter is a device used to aerate the soil and clean lawns and lawns of last year’s dry vegetation and moss that have accumulated and make it difficult for young grass to feed. Another name for this tool is the scarifier..


What is the device used for

As a result of natural processes, a layer of fragments of dry grass, moss and undecomposed leaves is formed on the soil surface. Over time, it becomes dense, preventing the aeration of the soil and the entry of nutrients into it. Sometimes this is due to overuse of fertilizers, as a result of which too much grass grows. After shearing it, microorganisms cannot completely cope with the disposal process, and a kind of layer gradually forms.

As a result of these processes, the condition of the lawn worsens: the grass becomes yellow, since the roots are not able to provide it with everything necessary, bald spots and irregularities appear on the surface.

For better lawn grass growth, you should periodically aerate the soil in order to saturate it with oxygen. Before the advent of this technique, this entire procedure had to be performed using ordinary garden forks, sticking them into the ground at a shallow depth at intervals of one step..

Pros of lawn aeration

With the help of a verticutter, you can:

  • Improve grass growth without the use of fertilizers;
  • Eliminate excessive soil compaction;
  • Slow down the formation of a layer of dry grass;
  • In damp areas, help drain excess water;
  • Increase the drought resistance of the lawn;
  • Allow moisture and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

Device types

In addition to the simplest mechanical devices, two types of devices have been created: with a gasoline and an electric engine. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Like any other garden equipment, gasoline ones are much more powerful and allow you to process large areas of the lawn. Electric models are easy to maintain and quiet, but their range depends on the length of the cord..

Manufacturers offer three types of machines:

  1. Aerators equipped with spring tines that loosen the soil and comb out the remains of dry grass and moss. These are usually electrical models..
  2. Scarifiers (scarifiers) equipped with blades for piercing and removing lawn layers, as well as cutting the root system of the grass to stimulate its growth. These devices are gasoline and electric..
  3. Verticutters-aerators combine the properties of the first two types of devices. They are equipped with both blades and spring teeth. These machines are mostly electric..

How to choose a verticutter?

When choosing a device, you need to pay close attention to the following details:

  • The body of the machine must be made of durable but lightweight material so as not to injure the plants excessively. It can be high-strength plastic or aluminum. Professional grade machines usually have a steel body.
  • It is best to choose a petrol powered scraper, as it can overload the sod if the knives are deeply immersed in the sod. This usually happens if the soil density is incorrectly set and a large depth of penetration is selected..
  • In addition, you need to decide on the size of the waste bin or its presence. During operation, the bin fills up very quickly, you have to stop and clean it, this greatly slows down the work process. Some manufacturers have eliminated waste bins altogether, believing that it would be easier to collect the resulting waste with a rake. Therefore, before buying equipment, you need to decide whether you need a garbage collector in the complete set or not..
  • It is necessary that the cutters are made of high quality steel and secured appropriately. This measure will prevent them from getting jammed, knocked out or damaged..
  • It is desirable that the handle is adjustable and can adapt to the height of the person.

A large plot owner will agree that a lawn cutter is a must-have device. Its use makes it much easier to care for a large area of ​​lawns..

Lawn scarification in April (video)

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