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Lawn grass mixture – which is better?

Hello! Can you please tell me what is the best grass mixture for a lawn? I am finishing the layout of the site and will soon be sowing grass, but I cannot make a choice. Want not very expensive and unpretentious. There is a very large assortment in stores, but how to understand that having planted such a mixture, the lawn will be green and soft?

Hello! You did the right thing to decide to purchase a grass mix for your lawn, not just one variety. All grass mixtures sold in stores are already selected for a specific type of lawn. Therefore, when choosing them, you need to understand what result you want to get. Consider the main types of mixtures for lawns.

Elite mixes

From them, a smooth, saturated green lawn grows. Such a lawn is the dream of every gardener. But in order for her to always remain beautiful, she needs careful care and, if possible, not walk on her. Typically, the decorative mixture includes three varieties of fescue:

  1. Long-leaved;
  2. Red hard;
  3. Sheep.

Also, lawns based on these herbs are called parterre. The grass on them is dense, short and velvety.


  • Emerald green grass;
  • Slow growth.


  • Regular care;
  • High price;
  • Does not mask the unevenness of the soil.

Universal mixtures

They also require some care, but on the lawns that have grown from them, you can play with the dog, run barefoot and have picnics with the whole family. These mixes contain perennial pasture ryegrass, meadow bluegrass and red fescue..


  • They sprout quickly;
  • Weeds are removed;
  • Low cost.


  • Frequent haircut;
  • They do not create a velvet effect;
  • You can’t cut short.

Shade-tolerant mixtures

Great for areas with a lot of trees and buildings. The main composition of the mixture:

  • The bent field is thin;
  • Red fescue;
  • Long-leaved fescue.

Flower Blends

Green coverings grown from such mixtures are more like a flowering meadow. The composition includes wildflowers and cereals that bloom alternately throughout the summer. Conventionally, such mixtures are divided into two groups:

  1. Moorish lawn. Consists of annual flower seeds and perennial fine-stemmed grasses.
  2. Meadow lawn. The composition includes red and white clover, meadow bluegrass, flower seeds, perennial ryegrass and meadow timothy. If you want to design a plot in a rustic style, then you need to sow tall greenery.


  • Weed and disease resistance;
  • Regular watering is not required;
  • No additional feeding needed.


  • Unevenness of the lawn;
  • Insects;

The universal answer to the question: “Grass mixture for the lawn – which is better?” does not exist. You should not rely only on the functionality of the desired lawn, you need to select seeds specifically for your site.

The following characteristics of the site influence the beauty of the lawn:

  • Ground water level;
  • Soil composition;
  • Illumination.

Therefore, you should choose a mixture with the highest plant content that suits your area:

  • Clover is white. It does not take root well on soils with high acidity. Resistant to frost and drought.
  • Ryegrass. It does not take root in arid areas and in severe frosts, but it is resistant to physical influences and grows well in the shade.
  • Sheep fescue. It takes root well in sandy and arid areas and in the shade. Needs additional feeding.
  • Meadow meadow. Frost-resistant, does not need regular watering. Grows on fertile soils for 14 years.
  • Meadow fescue. It grows for a very long time, not intended for outdoor activities.
  • Red fescue. Frost-resistant, not afraid of waterlogging.
  • White field bale. Loves moist fertile lands. Resistant to frost.

With a properly selected herbal mixture, the lawn will delight with a thick malachite carpet..

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Video tips for choosing grass for your lawn

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