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How long will a multi-year lawn that does not require mowing last?

What types of turf are available, and for how many years will a multi-year lawn that does not require mowing last? How to equip the landscape of a suburban area so as to minimize financial costs and time for caring for the green cover?

lawn without mowing To date, specialists have developed several types of lawns that do not require special care and mowing. Recently, they are gaining more and more popularity among residents of country houses. This is due to the fact that with minimal maintenance, the guaranteed service life of such a green lawn, on average, is from 5 to 7 years..

Mandatory conditions for planting a lawn

In order for the green spaces on the lawn to please the eye for a long time, it is necessary to choose the right wildflowers and herbs. Here it is impossible to do without the help of professionals who carefully study the upper layers of the soil on the territory of the garden plot, determine the percentage of its moisture content and the presence of weeds on it. If both indicators are large enough, plants are selected for planting that are capable of suppressing weed shoots during the growth period..

In addition, grass varieties should not be susceptible to trampling, rise quickly after rain or hail, and recover from sudden bald spots. In order not to think about how many years a long-term lawn that does not require a mowing will last, experts include unpretentious varieties of flowers and grasses propagating by self-sowing in the mixture..

Varieties of perennial lawns that do not require mowing

There are several varieties of green lawns that do not require careful and regular maintenance. Here is some of them:

  1. Moorish lawn. The mixture includes plants and flowers that are fully adapted to the climate of central Russia. Delphiniums, poppies, chrysanthemums, chamomiles, cornflowers, marigolds, and Chinese carnations grow on such lawns. This multicolor looks great against the background of cereal grasses – fescue and bent grass. For planting a Moorish lawn, about 30 types of seeds of beautiful, but unpretentious flowers and plants are used. The lawn is planted in early spring, the grasses are not cut, but they are regularly watered by aeration.
  2. Clover lawn. A rich and fragrant green meadow with a fast growing undersized plant – clover. Arranging a suburban area in this way will be not only beautiful, but also useful – clover is one of the few types of field grasses that enrich the soil with nitrogen. Clover lawn maintenance involves regularly watering and cutting the grass once a year – in early spring.

All grasses and flowers included in the perennial lawn mix are wild field plants. They have an amazing ability to recover the next year, multiplying by seeds discarded after flowering. If you plant additional seedlings in the lawn once a year and regularly moisten the soil, a green lawn that does not require a mowing can last you up to 5-7 years.

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