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What is a long-handled lawn cutter for?

Tell me what the long-handled lawn scissors are for, how to use them correctly, and what kind of work they can do on your own site?

An ornamental lawn, however, like any other crop for landscaping adjacent areas, requires not only proper planting, but also needs regular follow-up care almost throughout the year. All the necessary for the work related to the improvement of your own site is quite simple, but it involves mandatory periodic manipulations.

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Correctly planning the site, taking care of the water drainage system, choosing the appropriate varieties of lawn grass, depending on the climatic conditions and territorial characteristics of the site being improved – this is not the whole list of actions that are mandatory when arranging a lawn. Even the most expensive lawn crop will not give the expected results if you do not provide full care in full..

Basic lawn care works

long handled scissors At the moment when the land area is cultivated for planting, a drainage and layer system is organized, and the planted material has already given its first shoots, it becomes necessary to regularly care for the regrown vegetation. One of the most frequently performed procedures on an already grown lawn is its regular, properly organized mowing..

The modern market for gardening equipment is represented by such a rich assortment of devices and technical devices that sometimes it is even difficult to make the right choice. But often the lawn area, for some reason, be it the relief of the site, the slopes, the presence of trees, installed small and medium-sized architectural forms sufficiently complicate the mowing of the lawn with bulky technical devices.

In this case, the use of a tool such as a long-handled lawn shear becomes indispensable..

Horizontal haircut rules

There are special places on the local area that are rather difficult to process with the help of equipment.

These areas include the following:

  • lawn surrounding trees within the site;
  • lawn grass planted under bushes;
  • the edge of lawn areas, usually located near fences, fences, curbs and wall surfaces.

Experienced gardeners know that it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to trim the lawn in these places..

It is quite possible to carry out horizontal mowing of the lawn in hard-to-reach places using scissors (pruning shears) with elongated handles. A feature of such equipment is the increased length of its handles and the angle at which the blades are located. Such scissors allow you to carefully trim the lawn grass, without loading your back, not bending over too much, removing overgrown lawn crops close to any obstacles.

Other uses for long-handled pruning shears

With the help of pruning and grafting of all garden crops, it is possible to achieve simply stunning results in improving your own plot. And when performing these works, this model of scissors will become a reliable assistant for any gardener or owner of a country house..

In addition to mowing and trimming the lawn with scissors, you can implement the following procedures for processing green spaces:

  • trimming shrubs and trees to protect crops from premature thinning;
  • the formation of a green crown of garden plants;
  • the procedures carried out by such equipment ensure the optimal distribution of substances coming from the soil with top dressing;
  • properly trimmed branches and overgrowths guarantee lush flowering in the future, a high rate of fruiting.
  • thinning of excessive plant density;
  • removal of unwanted shoots that have appeared.

The choice of existing modifications of garden shears allows you to choose exactly those with the help of which it is possible to carry out the planned work. It is worth noting that when purchasing new equipment for cutting and trimming vegetation, you should give preference to models with rubber handles. This will provide increased comfort when working with the tool..

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