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How to decorate the yard for the New Year – getting ready for the holidays

Tell me how to decorate the yard for the New Year? Previously, we somehow did not think about it, for us, adults, one Christmas tree or pine tree in the house was enough. But now, with the advent of the kids, I want to give them a real and unforgettable holiday. A huge old fir grows in our yard, we decided that it will become another New Year’s beauty. Double quantities of garlands and toys have already been purchased. What else can you think of?

how to decorate the yard for the new year Already from mid-December, we begin to prepare for one of the main winter holidays, sorting out or purchasing toys for the Christmas tree and directly the forest beauty itself. But in European countries, preparation is not limited to the home. Both adults and children fantasize about how to decorate the yard for the New Year. After all, the holiday should be felt not only in the room. A beautifully designed area in front of the house and even an entrance gate or a door with a spruce wreath immediately cheers you up and is visible from afar. Recently, such a large-scale training has become popular in the vastness of our homeland. Why not, if it’s beautiful? Your efforts will be especially appreciated by the younger family members, who will gladly take part in the process. And adults will not hurt to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and remember school years for the manufacture of garlands.

How to decorate a courtyard for the New Year – a few festive decor ideas

It is simply impossible to list all the methods, it all depends on imagination and possibilities. If you don’t have time, you can buy ready-made figures and other elements of the New Year’s theme. At the same time, many different crafts on this topic can be made with your own hands, even garlands.

What exactly will make it possible to transform the site and immediately make it clear that the New Year is not beyond the mountain?? For example, decorate the courtyard and the buildings on it with the following elements:

  1. Bows. Traditionally, they are red in color, available in stores, but it’s easy to make at home. They can be fixed anywhere: on a fence, trees, bushes, poles, stairs.bows
  2. Garlands. You will need special street lights. It will look very impressive if you hang them around the perimeter of the site, on the fence, and also on the outside of the house itself. Illumination on trees will not hurt.Garlands
  3. Wreaths and garlands made from natural materials. They can be made from live or artificial branches of pine and other coniferous crops. Decorate the gate and the front door with wreaths, and hang garlands around the fence.wreaths and garlands
  4. Snow figures. If the weather makes you happy with snow, make snowmen, build a real fortress or castle in the yard.snowman
  5. Ice decorations. In frosty weather, ice balls will look beautiful on the trees, especially if you put a couple of scarlet rowan berries inside.ice decorations
  6. Reindeer and other decorations. Large figures of animals can be made from natural materials (vines) or wrap a metal frame with a garland.deer

A magical New Year’s garden will turn the site into a fairy tale

It doesn’t matter what kind of trees you grow. If there are conifers, this is just wonderful, because you can arrange a Christmas tree right on the street, decorating it with toys. But even ordinary apple and pear trees are quite suitable for decoration. It is enough just to hang garlands on the branches and sleeping trees will immediately become like fabulous. The glowing outfit can be worn on bushes and on outdoor flowerpots, if any. And instead of toys, tie bright bows.New Year's garden

By the way, evergreen shrubs can be prepared for the New Year holidays in the fall. Trim them into the shape of a snowman or other character, and also decorate with a garland in winter.

There is a place in the garden and various thematic figures and characters. Garden gnomes under the tree, deer between trees, snowmen, and not only from the snow … Do not be afraid to fantasize, because this is what will give your yard and garden originality!

Simple and affordable ways to decorate the yard for the New Year holidays – video

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