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What New Year’s gift you can make with your own hands – simple ideas for a festive mood

Tell me what kind of New Year’s gift you can make with your own hands? The son wanted to congratulate his beloved teacher. We decided to make some kind of craft with him, but we just can’t decide what exactly. Please advise something not very difficult for the child to participate.

what New Year's gift you can make with your own hands Very soon there will be Christmas trees in all houses, and under them there will be various surprises for children and adults from Santa Claus. Even those who have long since come out of childhood are pleased to receive gifts, especially for such a holiday. What kind of New Year’s gift can you make with your own hands to please loved ones? Anything, because in this matter the important thing is that it will be prepared from the heart. The New Year theme is very diverse, and craft materials can be found in every home. On the eve of the holiday, all housewives make food supplies, from which not only edible, but also beautiful gifts are obtained. An ordinary bottle of wine easily turns into a snowman, tangerines are transported into cute orange Christmas trees. Children will not be left without a surprise if they put the purchased candies in a decorated jar. We bring to your attention some original ideas.

What a New Year’s gift you can make with your own hands for adults

A box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne are also great choices to be served under the tree. But why not design your regular products themed or give? A friend or friend, soul mate or relatives can be presented with:

  1. Snowman from a bottle of wine. Paint the bottle with acrylic white paint, and put on a hat made of black felt on the neck. Draw eyes, a nose – a carrot, a smile and buttons, tie a snowman with a scarf from a strip of fabric or ribbon.snowman from a bottle of wine
  2. Pineapple from a bottle of champagne and chocolates. Wrap the bottle in golden papyrus paper, fixing it tightly with tape. Using a glue gun, glue it in a circle with sweets, preferably semicircular, starting from the bottom. Cut leaves from green paper in the form of a garland and wrap it around the neck.pineapple with champagne and chocolates
  3. Christmas tree made of tangerines. Wrap the foam cone with foil. Fasten lettuce leaves over its entire area with pins, and tangerines on top of them, piercing them with skewers. Instead of a salad, you can simply place coniferous twigs or rain between the fruits..tangerine tree

If you don’t want to be creative, you can do otherwise. Buy in the store “winter set” at your choice: gloves, mittens, scarf, snood. Put it in a beautiful box, add a scented candle, a couple of tangerines – and the gift is ready. Such a surprise will warm not only the hands or head, but also the soul, because he will say about caring for loved ones.

Gifts for children

For children, besides toys, sweets will be the best gift.. They can be beautifully designed:

  1. Fold in jars with lids.jar of sweets
  2. Make a sled.sled
  3. Prepare a herringbone shape and lay out the tiers of candy.Christmas trees made of candies

DIY original gifts for the New Year – video

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