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How to facilitate the work of a summer resident: a miracle shovel with your own hands, drawings

How to make a miracle shovel with your own hands, drawings of simple models would help me a lot. My wife ordered this mechanism for me, heard from a neighbor that it was convenient and easy for them to dig the beds. Now she said that she would not lag behind until the craftsman. We have a small vegetable garden, but we both love the land, however, the strength and age are no longer the ones to work hard. This shovel is really that good?

DIY shovel miracle drawings Digging a garden is the hardest part of the job if you’re lucky enough to have a private plot. It is not uncommon for such occupational therapy to result in a torn back and stretched muscles. But if you have a do-it-yourself miracle shovel (drawings will be in the article), from now on, digging will be quick and easy. Why do it yourself? Yes, for the simple reason that, like a good quality shovel, such a unit will cost a lot of money in the store. And every self-respecting owner of the house will always have materials for homemade products, be it old pitchforks, remnants of twigs or a corner. After a little conjuration, they can be turned into the first assistant of the summer resident – a miracle shovel.

What is the difference between a miracle shovel and a bayonet

structure miracle shovel How does a simple shovel work? The main load goes on the back, when you need to turn out a lump of earth, and even in a bent state. The improved model allows you to redistribute the load and direct it to the muscles in the arms. Only the load on the legs remains common when it is necessary to drive the working part into the ground. The spinal muscles are practically not involved, so it is easier to work.

In addition, the miracle shovel speeds up the procedure due to the larger area of ​​the working part. At the same time, it immediately breaks up clods of earth, loosens the soil and takes out the roots of the weeds almost completely, without leaving cut residues in the soil. It can also quickly and effortlessly dig up potatoes or carrots..

DIY miracle shovel – drawings

In fact, it is difficult to call this tool a shovel. It looks like a very strange pitchfork, or rather, more often than not, even two pairs of pitchforks, only wider than the standard equipment, and fixed on the slats. Some of them are mobile, with a lever mechanism, and it is they who are driven into the soil. The second forks are fixed on the front stop bar so that clods of earth pass and break through them. For convenience, there are models with a backgauge bar. The principle of operation is the same: the “shovel pitchfork” must be thrust into the ground in order to put the back stop on the ground. Then pull the handle towards you and turn out the lump of soil by dragging it through the second pair of forks of the front stop. Reposition the instrument by lifting it with your hands and repeat. As you can see, it is mainly not the dorsal muscles that work, but the leg and arm muscles..

There are several options for homemade advanced shovels:

  1. Ripper shovel without front stop. Very comfortable for women, because it is lighter, but not so stable. The handle is attached to the working forks, and the rear stop is fixed to the support forks. The two parts of the forks are connected to each other, but to keep the workers mobile.shovel baking powder
  2. Digging shovel. It features a wider working part and a comfortable high handle with a crossbar. The handle can be adjusted to any height, while the emphasis is movable, fixed on the frame, the forks themselves with pins are only one, workers.shovel digger
  3. Digger with one working forks and an arcuate handle that is not adjustable.miracle shovel with a pitchfork

For the manufacture of a shovel, metal corners or professional pipes with a cross section of about 30 mm and a wall thickness of at least 3 mm are suitable. And the digging pins can be welded from old forks, or, even better, from strong rods with a diameter of at least 8 mm. The optimal number of pins is 8 pieces, the distance between them is from 70 mm, and the total width of the working part is up to 60 cm.As for the length of the handle, it is adjusted to the height and should end at shoulder level.

Step by step making a miracle shovel

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