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DIY incubator from the refrigerator: two simple models plus a bonus – video about an automated incubator

Tell me how to make an incubator from a refrigerator with your own hands? The ducks stayed from last year, laid eggs, but it seems they are not going to sit down. We decided to breed the ducklings ourselves, in the incubator, but now there is nowhere to buy it. There is an old non-working refrigerator at home. I heard that it can be remade for this unit.

DIY incubator from the refrigerator The incubator should heat up quickly and keep the temperature well, such as a refrigerator. Having slightly improved this technique and adjusted it to the desired parameters, you can easily make an incubator from the refrigerator with your own hands. Firstly, old junk, which is a pity to throw away, will no longer clutter up the pantry. And secondly, it is financially profitable, because factory incubators cost a lot of money..

The simplest home incubator models can be horizontal or vertical. For beginners, the easiest way is to make a manual apparatus, in the sense that it is not automated. This means that the eggs in it will need to be turned over by ourselves. In addition, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of humidifying the air inside the refrigerator. Or also manually periodically irrigate the masonry.

DIY incubator from the refrigerator – horizontal model

horizontal incubator The “reclining” model does not provide shelves and is suitable for a small number of eggs. To make it, you need a refrigerator without a freezer (or you can cut it out). We take out the “native” shelves, they will not be useful. We put the equipment on the back wall, lying down. We also need trays in which we will lay eggs, a thermostat and ordinary light bulbs..

It will be enough 4 bulbs with a power of 100 W.

Getting started:

  1. Cut out the ventilation hole in the door from above.
  2. From the outside of the door we attach the thermostat to the tape.
  3. We put the temperature sensor inside using the vent.
  4. On the inside of the door we install plywood with sockets for light bulbs.
  5. We connect the thermostat according to the diagram below.thermostat connection diagram
  6. At the very bottom, which used to be the back wall of the refrigerator, we put a container with water. She will humidify the air.
  7. The last one is to install the egg grate so that it does not touch the container with water..

How to make a vertical incubator with a fan

vertical incubatorThis incubator will allow you to lay more eggs. It will be possible to put several trays in it. They will be attached to the grooves from the shelves. Or just in the side walls of the refrigerator with screws.

Step-by-step manufacturing:

  1. We take out the old shelves.
  2. In the upper part of the case we make 2 holes.
  3. We mount a thermostat and a thermometer in them.
  4. Install trays.
  5. We attach the fan motor to the rear inner wall.
  6. Install a tubular electric heater around the fan blades. This will help distribute heat throughout the refrigerator..

It remains to put a bowl on the bottom and pour water.

Automatic incubator from the refrigerator

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