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How to make a tree of happiness with your own hands – general recommendations and step-by-step instructions

How to make a tree of happiness with your own hands? My daughter wants to give such a gift to her friend, but we do not know how everything is done correctly. Please specify which main points are worth paying attention to. And if possible, give step-by-step instructions for making the simplest model so that the child and I can cope.

how to make a tree of happiness with your own hands Handmade art is becoming more and more popular, and hand-made crafts are a valuable gift, in which the soul of the master is invested. For example, a topiary in the form of a tree of happiness is considered a symbol of good luck and well-being, besides, it looks beautiful as an element of decor. There are no strict instructions on how to make a tree of happiness with your own hands. There are general recommendations that will help make the craft as decorative and sustainable as possible. Everything else depends only on imagination and personal wishes..

How to make a tree of happiness with your own hands – practical advice

general guidelines for creating a tree of happiness Regardless of what the structure will be made of, it consists of three elements:

  1. Place of “planting” of the tree, that is, the part in which it will be located. They are usually a flower pot of the required volume. The larger and more massive the tree is, the more capacity you will need. In addition, the main task is to firmly secure the trunk so that it does not wobble, and also so that the pot does not overturn. For light, small topiary, it is enough just to pour polyurethane foam inside. If the crown is heavy, the dishes are filled with cement.
  2. Trunk. It can be made from a wooden stick, a pencil, or woven from strong wire that can support the weight of the crown. The wire curved barrel looks very elegant. And on top it is painted or covered with colored cloth or paper.
  3. Crown. It is usually round in shape, but this is not required. The basis for the crown can be foam or paper balls. Decor is attached to them with glue: natural materials, various flowers from ribbons, napkins, paper.

The brighter and more elegant the crown, the easier the decoration of the pot itself should be, so that it does not merge with the tree. And vice versa, the one-color palette of the crown, for example, from coffee beans, will emphasize the decoration of the flowerpot in which the tree will grow.

Tree of happiness from satin roses step by step

tree of happiness from rosesThis topiary looks very cute and will serve as an excellent gift for family anniversaries. It is done in this way:

  1. First, the base of the tree is made. The crown can be made from paper by wetting it and making a ball. From above, it is advisable to walk with twine or threads, having smeared the ball with glue. Then the decor will hold better. Make a recess in the ball, drip glue there and insert a barrel – a wooden stick into it. Fill the pot with alabaster and set the blank. Let dry.how to make a barrel
  2. Twist roses from ribbons.how to make roses
  3. Glue flowers to the crown, trying not to leave bald spots.how to make a crown
  4. Decorate the pot.how to decorate a pot

That’s all, the tree of happiness is ready.

Coffee topiary

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