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How to decorate a summer cottage: several options for decor and site improvement

Tell me how to decorate the dacha? This year, the construction of the house has finally been completed and all communications have been brought up. The fence was set up in advance, now it remains to figure out what will be in the yard. There is enough space, I wish there were flowers and the book could be read in the fresh air.

how to decorate a summer cottage Nowadays, for many, the dacha is a place where you can grow your vegetables and fruits. However, at the same time, it does not lose its original meaning. This is a rest from the bustle of the city, away from the noise of cars and closer to nature. And the rest should be pleasant, so summer residents try not only to run through the beds with a hoe, but also to improve their site. For those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the “dacha” life, especially from scratch, simple advice on how to decorate a dacha will come in handy. It is not necessary to buy everything in the store, because many things can be done with your own hands, and with almost no financial investment. After construction or repair, there are always materials that will be useful for country homemade products.

Original flower beds

The dacha begins with beautiful flowers, which should also grow beautifully.. An ordinary flower bed immediately becomes original if you make it a beautiful curly border, for example, from:

  • plastic or glass bottles;flowerbed of bottles
  • stone;flower bed made of stone
  • wood.flower bed made of wood

Almost everything can act as a garden pots, which can be placed not only in a flower bed, but also along the yard. Old shoes, dishes, buckets and even handbags are any thing where you can plant flowers.pots

How to decorate a summer cottage with beautiful garden paths

Paths will help to visually divide the space of the site into zones. In addition, this is a great option to walk around the country house without getting your feet wet.. They can be made from:

  • cuts of trees;saw cuts
  • bricks;brick path
  • concrete.concrete walkway

The shape of concrete paths can be very diverse. You can either fill in a solid path, or make curly elements, and then lay them beautifully.

Budget options for recreation areas

pallet tablesOn a warm summer evening, it is so pleasant to sit outside, gazing at the stars or reading a book. But you can’t put a sofa in the garden – after all, you will need to remove dust from it more often than rest. But if you knock down and paint wooden pallets, you get easy-to-use and easy-to-clean chairs, sofas, tables and stools. True, a little hard, but a foam pillow will fix everything.

Another option is to make a swing. It all depends on the materials and craftsmanship available. In addition, you will have to attract a strong half. Wooden swings are very popular, and not only for children.swing

Lovers of relaxing under the trees will appreciate the simple yet comfortable hammock. It can be hung in the garden or on the terrace.hammock

There are a lot of ideas for decorating a summer residence, you can’t even list everything. Everyone is free to do what he likes, obeying only the flight of fantasy.

Video selection of original ideas for decorating a summer cottage

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