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How to make flower beds from large pipes

Recently I was visiting a friend. I was amazed how he grows strawberries – in an upright pipe. I also wanted to try it, especially since I still have cut pieces of a large pipe at my dacha. Tell me how to make flower beds from large diameter pipes?

The main advantage of creating flower beds from pipes is the absence of financial investments or their minimal cost. Often, after repairs or other work, unused materials or their waste (in this case, pipe cutting) remain. Two types of flower beds can be made from large pipes:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

Horizontal flower beds from pipes

horizontal flower bed of pipes

For horizontal flower beds, a large diameter pipe must be cut to the required length (it will also be the length of the flower bed after installation), put plugs on both sides, step back a little from the edge and cut the middle of the pipe to half its diameter or a little more. It is important not to forget to make holes for drainage so that the plants in such a flower bed do not disappear from moisture stagnation. Put the finished flower bed on the support racks so that it does not roll around the site.

hanging flower beds from pipes

If only medium-diameter pipes are at hand, they will make a wonderful hanging flower bed.

Vertical flower beds from pipes

strawberries in a flowerbed from a pipe

It is even easier to make a low vertical flower bed from a pipe of very large volume: if the length of the pipe (it will also be its height) is not very large, the flower bed is already ready. It remains only to put them in their favorite place, fill them with nutritious soil and plant the plants. Pipes that are too long can be cut into pieces of the desired length.

If there is a shortage of space, you can put vertical flower beds on stands, as a result, a multi-tiered flower bed is formed, which will allow you to grow many plants with minimal use of space..

When using a metal pipe, you need to take care that the planted plants do not touch it, and shift possible points of contact with small plates. Such a flower bed is placed in a darkened place, since the metal tends to heat up in the sun.

vertical flower bed with irrigation pipe

To create a multi-tiered flower bed:

  1. Cut the pipe into equal pieces.
  2. Cut out small holes in which the plants will be planted, given that in narrow openings they will have little room for development, and soil may fall out of wide holes.
  3. Close the pipe on both sides with special plugs of suitable size.
  4. Insert a small pipe inside a large pipe so that it is convenient to water, while the smaller pipe should protrude 10 cm from above and close.
  5. Make water outlets in the pipe that is inserted, and seal the bottom of it with tape.
  6. Fill the flowerbed first with a small amount of expanded clay (for drainage), then with nutritious soil, watering it as it fills to avoid the formation of a void inside the pipe.

This option for creating a vertical flower bed is widely used by both gardeners for growing strawberries and flower growers for climbing plants, such as petunias..

The video will tell you more about how to make a vertical flower bed (or garden bed)

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