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Finding out if violets can be sprayed with Epin

Tell me, is it possible to spray violets with Epin? This year, the heating was not turned on for a long time, so not only us, but also my green pets froze. Violets suffered the most: it hurts to look at the bushes directly, the leaves have shrunk, and many have even wilted. I have been using Epin for a long time, but more and more for grafting, but I have not yet applied it to violets. They say that their leaves cannot be wetted at all. Will the drug help the violets to recover faster and is it permissible to spray at all?

can violets be sprayed with epin Some growers consider Epin a growth stimulant, since most often cuttings are soaked in it before rooting. In fact, it is more accurate to say that the drug regulates growth. But not by accelerating it, but by increasing the ability of plants to recover. This wonderful hormonal agent is recommended for use on plants that have experienced stressful situations. For example, it is simply irreplaceable when growing violets, capricious beauties who are often hot or cold. However, many violet growers are confused by the fact that the drug is used only on the leaf. Accordingly, the question arises, is it possible to spray violets with Epin? After all, there is an opinion that shower procedures are contraindicated for these colors. Let’s figure out if this is true, and in what cases do violets need Epin.

Is it possible to spray violets with Epin?

epin So, let’s start with whether it is possible to wet a violet at all. There is an opinion that, since the plant has shaggy leaves, this is absolutely impossible to do. There is some truth in this – the fleecy surface really dries up for a long time. However, violets are very fond of shower procedures, but on condition that they are carried out correctly and neatly. Violets can be sprayed, but care must be taken that water does not get into the center of the outlet. Otherwise, it can rot. Another nuance: bushes with wet leaves should not get caught in a draft or sunlight. A wet violet will disappear from a gust of cold wind, and burns will appear from the sun’s rays.

As for Epin, the drug is absorbed by the plant only upon direct contact with its aerial part. It is not absorbed by the roots, so there is simply no point in watering the flowers.

Thus, violets can be sprayed with Epin, as this is the only way to use the growth regulator..

When and how to process violets with Epin?

violetsTo increase the resistance of violets to diseases and changing conditions of detention throughout the year, it is recommended to spray them with a regulator in three cycles:

  1. In spring – for adaptation after winter in dry air conditions in the house.
  2. Summer – to help weather the heat and drafts when ventilating.
  3. Autumn – to prepare for the winter season.

It is enough to spray the bushes every 2 weeks. This is how long it takes for Epin to completely disintegrate in a plant..

The working solution is prepared simply: for 1 liter of water, you need to add 8 drops of Epin. In addition, a little vinegar or citric acid, because water with an alkaline reaction is not suitable for the preparation..

How to use Epin – video

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