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Sunflower seed dressing: how and what to do

Can you please tell us what preparations are used for treating sunflower seeds? Last year, the seed material was bought already processed and did nothing additionally. This season we will sow our own seeds from last year’s harvest. How to protect the culture from disease?

sunflower seed treatment A good sunflower harvest directly depends on the quality of the seed. Treatment of sunflower seeds with special preparations can significantly increase yield indicators. In addition, treated seeds germinate better, and crops are less likely to get sick and are not damaged by pests..

Pre-sowing seed treatment methods

sunflower seeds There are two ways to increase sunflower germination and protect crops from fungi and pests:

  1. Soaking the seeds in a disinfectant aqueous solution.
  2. After incrustation of seeds using finely dispersed processing with special means.

Seed soaking

pickling with potassium permanganateSoaking treatment is most often used by summer residents who grow a small amount of sunflower. These can be both food varieties for their own needs, and decorative species.. You can disinfect seeds by placing them in a solution:

  1. Potassium permanganate for 2 days.
  2. Garlic and onions. For 2 liters of boiling water – 100 g of garlic (chopped) and 2 handfuls of onion husks. Insist for a day and soak seeds in it overnight.

Sunflower seed dressing: recommended inlay preparations

inlay with drugsInlay is the artificial creation of a film on seeds that will protect them and preserve their own immunity. With large volumes of sowing work, it is carried out by dry or semi-dry method, using special equipment. After such treatment, there is no need to additionally dry the seeds..

In small private farms, the wet method is more popular. It involves watering or spraying seeds with an aqueous solution with the addition of special preparations. After wet cultivation, the seed must be dried..

Depending on the purpose of processing (protection against diseases or pests or improvement of crop development), the following are used for sunflower:

  1. Growth stimulants (Treptol).
  2. Fungicides (Capital, Doc Pro, Bolivar Forte, Greenford AS, Maxim).
  3. Microfertilizers (Plantafol, Boroplus, Speedfol Bor, Alpha Grow Extra).
  4. Insecticides (Decis, Fufanon, Diazonin, Gaucho).

In addition, to protect future crops from weeds, the site is treated with herbicides. They are applied immediately before sowing using soil-acting preparations, for example, Harnes. Such an integrated approach allows you to get a higher yield..

How to pickle sunflower seeds at home – video

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