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How to dissolve diammofoska in water

Tell me how to dissolve diammofoska in water? Last year I tried to apply it in the spring under dry tomatoes. I liked the result: the fruits were larger and more beautiful. A friend suggested that you can still make a solution and water the plants. What proportions are needed?

how to dissolve diammofoska in water Today, not a single gardener and gardener can do without fertilizers. Whatever the fertile soil, additional fertilizing significantly increases the yield. One of these drugs is diammofoska, which contains a whole mineral complex of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The use of the drug will improve not only the growth functions of plants, but also the quality and quantity of the crop. Most often it is used dry, but many are interested in how to dissolve diammophoska in water. Let’s find out if this is possible and if so, where is such a nutrient solution used..

Ways to use fertilizer in the garden and in the garden

granules Diammofoska is produced in the form of small granules. They quickly dissolve in the soil, while they are absolutely free of chlorine and do not increase the acidity of the soil. Thanks to this, the fertilizer has been widely recommended precisely for direct application to the soil. This can be done in the spring during the preparation of the site for planting, scattering up to 1 tbsp for each square meter. l. granules. You can also add 0.5 tsp. the drug directly into the wells during planting. To improve the composition of the soil, fertilizer is also applied under the autumn digging from 20 to 50 g per 1 sq. m.

In addition, in order to improve the development of plants, Diammofoska can be used for root and foliar dressing in the summer. To do this, it is dissolved in water and the crops are watered..

How to dissolve diammofoska in water

introduction under the bushOn the basis of diammofoska, you can prepare two types of irrigation solution:

  1. Fertilizer + water. For a bucket of water – no more than 20 g of the drug. Water up to 3 times per season.
  2. Preparation + water + rotted manure. Dissolve 0.5 kg of organic matter in a bucket of water and add 10 g of granules. Frequency of liquid dressings – 2 times per season.

An aqueous solution of diammofoska can be sprayed on all plants by dissolving 5 g of the drug in 3 liters of water. Processing is carried out no more than 3 times.

wateringDiammofoska is also used for feeding indoor plants. In this case, the solution should be less concentrated. For 1 liter of water, 1 to 2 g of granules are enough. It is enough to water the flowers with a nutrient solution twice a month..

Using diammophoska when planting plants – video

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