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What is iron vitriol needed for – an indispensable tool for the gardener and gardener

Tell me, what is iron sulfate for? As it saved them seedlings from chlorosis, they managed to save all the plants. I heard that the drug is also used for spraying garden crops. Will it help with powdery mildew? Last year, all the gooseberries were covered in white, they were left without a crop. You can spray it with iron vitriol in spring.?

what is iron sulfate for? Pests and disease-causing organisms force gardeners and gardeners to use chemicals to protect their crops. One of these drugs is iron vitriol – a universal remedy for plants. What is it and what is iron sulfate for??


inkstone The drug is sold in the form of small green-blue granules and is an iron sulfate. It contains 53% percent of the active ingredient in a readily available form. The granules are used to prepare a working aqueous solution. It is used for root feeding and spraying of garden, vegetable and flower crops. In addition, the chemical works well against mold on the walls of buildings, as well as a disinfectant for cesspools..

What is iron sulfate for?

ferrous sulfate solutionChemical granules are dissolved in water (but not in an iron container) at a concentration depending on the purpose of use. The resulting solution can be used to treat crops in order to:

  1. Treatment (50 g of the drug per bucket of water) and prevention (10 g) of chlorosis. Suitable for all plants without exception: trees, shrubs, garden and flower crops.
  2. Destruction of pests. Spraying twice (in spring and autumn) will help free trees and bushes from aphids, moths, apple sucker, leaf beetle, cabbage scoop and other insects. Here you need a strong 5% solution..
  3. Treatments for fungal diseases: rot, powdery mildew, spot, scab, black cancer and others. For prophylaxis, a weakly concentrated solution (1%) is used. For treatment, it is necessary to prepare a stronger remedy – up to 5%.
  4. Get rid of lichens and moss. Trees, bushes, stones must be treated with a 4-5% solution.
  5. Disinfection of trees when wounds, hollows and various cracks appear on them. A weak 1% solution must be used to treat all damage.

spraying with iron vitriol

Trees can be treated with a concentrated (up to 7%) solution of ferrous sulfate only in early spring, until the buds have blossomed. The green mass should be sprayed with a weak solution, no more than 1%, otherwise there will be burns.

Iron vitriol will help not only in the garden and in the garden. The solution can be used to clean walls (wood and concrete) to remove mold. Granules should be replaced with expensive antiseptics – they just need to be poured into the cesspool. And the drug is also introduced into the soil for autumn digging in order to enrich it with iron..

Where can you use iron sulfate in the country – video

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