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Fragrant, tasty and healthy – black currant tincture with vodka, recipe

Can you tell me how the blackcurrant tincture is made with vodka, the recipe for the simplest drink. Do I need to add water to it or will it be enough alcohol? This year, there is just an unprecedented harvest, I have already boiled compotes, and rolled up jam, and made raw jam, and there are still unpicked berries on the bushes. The husband offered to leave them for tincture, he says, we will treat friends for the holidays. Before, I only made cherry liqueur, natural, without vodka, but I don’t know how to do it right with currants.

black currant tincture on vodka recipe Fragrant currant berries are the best suited for the preparation of various drinks, including alcoholic ones. They give them a pleasant and light smell, but most importantly, they paint them in a rich and beautiful color. A very tasty and light tincture of black currant with vodka is obtained, the recipe for which should be with every housewife. It is not a shame to put such a drink on the festive table, and as a pleasant bonus to give it to the birthday person or guests. And it is also very handy to “skip” from time to time a glass of tincture just like that, because it is very useful. The aromatic ruby ​​drink contains all the vitamins that this garden berry is endowed with..

Practical advice – what to consider when making berry tinctures

ingredients for currant tincture First of all, you should choose the right container. Metal containers cannot be used – the acid contained in currants and any other berries will react with them. As a result, the taste of the drink will be spoiled and an “iron note” will appear in it. It is undesirable to take plastic as well, harmful substances are released from it.

It is best to make tinctures in glass containers – jars, bottles or bottles. The latter are preferable, because they have a narrow neck. This means that alcohol will evaporate less.

Now for the main ingredients of the drink – berries and vodka. Currants must be taken only ripe and of high quality, after having sorted it out. Spoiled berries are thrown away, like other litter in the form of dry inflorescences and leaves. But washing the berries is not at all necessary, only if they are too dusty or dirty..

Blackcurrant tincture on vodka – recipe

how to make currant tinctureIn general, any currant will make a delicious tincture, but only black will give it a unique, deep and rich, dark color. To prepare it, you must:

  1. Wash the glass bottle and pour the sorted berries into it in an amount of 1 kg.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix equal amounts of vodka and water (0.5 l each).
  3. Pour the mixture over the berries and put in a dark place for a month.
  4. After a month, strain the workpiece and add 0.5 kg of sugar.

It remains only to let the sugar completely dissolve – 4 days are enough for this. During this time, the tincture must be shaken twice a day. It is advisable to store the finished drink in a cool place..

How to make currant tincture on pure vodka, without adding water

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