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When it ripens and what characteristics does Menza cabbage have – a good old Dutch variety

What characteristics does Menza cabbage have, in particular, what kind of ripeness does the variety belong to? I planted seeds on seedlings, but the bag did not indicate after how many days the harvest ripens. I need cabbage for pickling and winter storage, this variety is suitable?

what are the characteristics of menza cabbage These large juicy heads of cabbage are known to many gardeners, because the variety has been grown for over 60 years. If you want to know what characteristics Menza cabbage has, ask the older generation – they probably know about it. High yields and large heads are not the only advantages of this cabbage. Due to its unpretentiousness and increased resistance, the variety can be grown in almost all regions of our country..

What characteristics does Menza cabbage have – features of the variety

dutch variety of cabbage menza Menza represents a line of Dutch hybrid cabbages and is a mid-late variety. From the moment the seeds germinate to the harvest, 115 days pass. The hybrid will delight you with an unprecedented yield. With good care from 1 hectare of plantings, you can get 90 tons of cabbage, the weight of which is not less than 4 kg. In a favorable climate, heads of cabbage become giants at all and grow up to 9 kg in weight. They are dense, slightly flattened, with a white inner part and light green upper covering leaves..

Menza can be grown both in greenhouses and outdoors. At the same time, he has one feature – a short stump that holds the “head”. It is more powerful and can handle the weight of large heads with ease. And it also makes it easier to care for the cabbage, because it is enough to spud it once instead of two.

Menza cabbage, although it loves moisture, like all representatives of this culture, is heat-resistant. She rarely gets sick and has a high immunity against mosaic, bacteriosis and powdery mildew. Heads of cabbage are ideal for pickling and can be stored well until mid-spring..

Pros and cons of the variety

pros and cons of menza cabbageLike all Dutch hybrids, Menza has improved performance. Of its advantages, it is worth noting:

  • yield;
  • excellent appearance and taste of large heads of cabbage;
  • resistance to major crop diseases, drought and head cracking;
  • versatility of use;
  • long shelf life;
  • transportability.

The hybrid has only one drawback – it is prone to such a disease as keela.

Secrets of a Great Cabbage Harvest

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