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We plan planting: cucumbers after cabbage – “yes” or “no”

In the spring, we planted a lot of cabbage in the garden and it paid off – all the seedlings took root well, and the heads of cabbage ripened large and dense. And we had enough, and there is still left for sale. Now we want to repeat the same thing, but with cucumbers. These crispy vegetables are always in great demand in our village, because not everyone will give birth. Tell me if it is possible to plant cucumbers after cabbage?

cucumbers and cabbage Crop rotation in the garden is one of the main conditions for a good harvest. In addition, crop rotation helps to avoid complete depletion of the soil, because different plants eat differently. Take, for example, cabbage: the most valuable substance for it is potassium, respectively, in the area after harvesting cabbage, its content significantly decreases.

No less important is the fact that by extracting potassium, the cabbage root system instead saturates the earth with harmful substances – colins. It is important to know what can be planted on this site next year, because some garden plants are very sensitive to their effects, while others react to them absolutely normally..

What is the precursor of cabbage for cucumbers?

Cucumbers can be planted not only after the cabbage, but also next to it. These two cultures complement each other perfectly. Planted nearby, they are less likely to get sick, and pests in the beds are not so common..

For whom else cabbage is a good predecessor?onion

Former cabbage beds are suitable for planting most plants, among them:

  • tomatoes;
  • eggplant;
  • root vegetables (carrots, beets);
  • onion and garlic.

Is it possible to plant cabbage again in one place?

In addition to the fact that cabbage takes useful substances from the soil and gives it harmful elements, it often suffers from cabbage fly or cabbage itself. No matter how the plantings are processed, the larvae of the pests can remain in the ground..

After overwintering there, next season they attack the plants again, so planting cabbage on the site for more than two years in a row is undesirable. If there is no other option, it is necessary to make up for the loss of soil fertility by adding manure for digging. But you can do this for no more than 3 years in a row..

What can not be grown after cabbage?swede

In order not to provoke a wave of diseases and an invasion of insects, in the new gardening season, instead of cabbage, you should not also grow all related plants (radishes, radishes, turnips, rutabagas).

Video about the combined planting of cabbage and flowers

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