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Choosing self-pollinated cucumber seeds for Siberia

Please advise which seeds of self-pollinated cucumbers are better to buy for Siberia? We built a greenhouse in the summer specifically for vegetables, since tomatoes and cucumbers in our beds do not have time to fully ripen. Last year they planted, but at least green tomatoes can be removed, and the cucumbers did not even have time to grow to the end.

self-pollinated seeds for siberia The climate of Siberia is notable for its harshness: there are not only cold winters, but also a very short summer, which also does not favor special warmth. It is not very easy to grow vegetables in such conditions, but not with the use of modern achievements of science. Breeders have long bred seeds of self-pollinated cucumbers for Siberia with a short growing season. Due to their stability, they germinate and grow well even in open ground, having time to give a crop. When grown in a greenhouse, the amount of fresh vegetables can be significantly increased..

What is the difference between “Siberian” cucumbers from ordinary

what is the difference between Siberian cucumbers and ordinary cucumbers First of all, varieties bred specifically for cold regions are hybrids. Their characteristic feature is the ability to develop at lower temperatures and without additional pollination..

In addition, hybrid varieties:

  • grow and ripen faster, and the harvest is already in 1.5 months;
  • high-yielding and do not differ in taste from ordinary cucumbers;
  • disease resistant;
  • are compact and small in size;
  • tolerate transportation well;
  • have good keeping quality.

You can find out Siberian hybrid varieties by special marking. On packages with seeds there is an F1 mark next to the variety name.

Self-pollinated cucumber seeds for Siberia

Among the fruitful and resistant hybrids that can pollinate independently, it is worth noting the following varieties of cucumbers:

  1. Emelya. Early cucumbers no longer than 16 cm ripen already on the 44th day. Vigorous, but shortened bushes from 1 sq. m will give 16 kg or more. Fruits for universal use, suitable for conservation and fresh consumption.emelya cucumber variety
  2. April. Early ripening salad variety, ripening for 40 days. Fruits are oblong, up to 27 cm long.April cucumber variety
  3. A friendly family. A universal mid-ripening variety, the fruits ripen in 49 days. They have a ribbed surface, and the skin is covered with light stripes. Cucumbers are on average about 13 cm long.cucumber variety friendly family
  4. Zozulya. Early ripening variety, intended for cultivation in greenhouses. Yields a harvest for 49 days, the fruits are dark, dense, sweet, about 20 cm long. From 1 sq. m. you can get more than 20 kg of cucumbers, which can be eaten and canned.zozulya cucumber variety
  5. Gerda. An early ripening fruitful variety for harvesting (pickles). Small gherkins no longer than 11 cm ripen already on 41 days.Gerd's cucumber variety

Cucumbers from Novosibirsk breeders

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