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When to feed cucumbers on the windowsill so that they grow well and give a lot of greens

I decided this year to try to grow cucumbers in pots at home. I bought a self-pollinated variety, the seeds sprouted together, the other day I will dive in separate containers. Tell me when to feed the cucumbers on the windowsill? I know that before and during flowering, you definitely need to do this. And now the seedlings can be fed and the better?

when to feed cucumbers on the windowsill In order to consume natural fresh cucumbers in early spring, it is not necessary to have a greenhouse or greenhouse. It is quite possible to provide seven vitamins by planting just a few bushes directly in flower pots. And in order for such “flowers” to bloom and set fruits, you should know when to feed the cucumbers on the windowsill. Even in the open field, the crop will give a more generous harvest if fertilizer is applied under the bushes at least a couple of times. Having received additional nutrition at the main stages of development, the plants grow strong and produce more fruits..

If you want to grow cucumbers in pots on the windowsill, then all the more they will need additional feeding. All that indoor cucumbers have is a small amount of soil in a flowerpot. And no matter how nutritious the substrate is, very soon the supply of nutrients in it decreases as the culture develops. From a lack of nutrition, the foliage begins to turn yellow, the ovary falls off, or the fruits are deformed and shrink. Better to prevent this and feed the bushes regularly.

When to feed cucumbers on the windowsill – fertilization mode

frequency of application of dressings for indoor cucumbers It is necessary to feed indoor cucumbers throughout the growing season. The frequency of fertilization depends on the phase of development:

  • apply the first top dressing 10 days after the seeds sprout;
  • 10 days after the first procedure, feed them a second time;
  • carry out the third feeding after another 10 days.

In the future, fertilizers do not need to be applied so often. If the cucumbers are developing normally, it is enough to fertilize them once every 2 weeks..

The better to feed “home” cucumbers

how to feed the cucumbersAt the beginning of development, plants need more nitrogen, and when they begin to prepare for flowering and bear fruit, they need phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. For the first time, you can dilute 5 g of superphosphate and urea in 3 liters of warm water. For the second feeding, use urea (10 g per 1 L of water). For the third time, feed the seedlings with an ash solution with the addition of nitrophoska (1 tsp of each fertilizer per 3 liters of water).

Further, it is convenient to use special mineral complexes of ready-made fertilizers, for example, from the firms Chistyi List, Biona, Gera. Folk remedies also work well. This is an infusion of banana peel, onion peel, iodine solution, yeast, eggshell.

Cucumbers on the windowsill: planting, growing, fertilizing

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