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What is the purpose of Hector cucumbers, when they ripen and where they are grown

Are Hector cucumbers suitable for preservation, and how does this variety differ? I asked the seller to pick me seeds of cucumbers and tomatoes that do not need tying. I always grow seedlings myself, so this year my seedlings are already waiting for warmth and transplantation to a permanent place. I plan to plant them immediately on the beds, since there is no greenhouse. We mostly eat fresh cucumbers, but I want to roll up a couple more cans. Does the variety behave well in conservation?

cucumber hector Hybrid cucumber varieties are especially popular. They are highly resistant to both diseases and adverse weather conditions. Hector cucumbers are considered one of the best – a Dutch unpretentious hybrid with a high yield. Due to the fact that this variety is not afraid of short-term frosts and ripens quickly, it has no regional restrictions on growing. Both in the warm south and in the cool northern latitudes, it will delight you with high yields and sweet greens.

Cucumbers Hector – characteristics and features

hector cucumber fruits A hybrid determinant variety will delight you with its compact size. It grows in the form of a bush up to 80 cm high. At the same time, it forms a lot of ovaries, but few lateral stepchildren, which allows all the nutrients to be directed to the ripening of fruits. On one bush there are both female and male inflorescences, but there are many more of the former. Help in pollination of all bee buds. The variety belongs to the early, the first harvest can be harvested in a month..

The main purpose of the hybrid is growing in the open field, where up to 6 kg of fruit can be taken from each square meter. However, even this figure can be doubled if you plant cucumbers in a greenhouse. But in this case, it is no longer bush cultivation, but trellis cultivation is practiced..

Also, when planting in a greenhouse, it is necessary to take into account that the self-pollination of the variety is at a very low level. You need to either artificially pollinate the flowers, or open the greenhouse to give the bees access to it..

Hector’s fruits are small, up to 12 cm long and weighing no more than 100 g. The thin, bumpy skin is covered with light thorns and a bluish bloom. The pulp is sweet, aromatic, does not taste bitter.

Pros and cons of the Dutch variety

pros and cons of cucumber hectorHector cucumbers have a number of advantages:

  • yield;
  • compact size of the bush;
  • early maturity;
  • small sweet cucumbers for universal use;
  • high resistance to short-term cold snap;
  • immunity to powdery mildew, cucumber mosaic, olive spot.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that if the cucumbers are not picked in time, then their skin thickens, although the fruits themselves do not outgrow. Also, with a lack of moisture, a bitter note appears, but this also happens with other varieties. Another inconvenience is that you won’t be able to collect your own seeds from the hybrid. However, this is the case with all hybrid varieties, the seeds of which have to be bought again every year..

Overview of Hector cucumbers

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