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Proper preparation is the key to a good harvest or How to soak cucumber seeds before planting

Tell me how to soak the seeds of cucumbers before planting, do you just need to fill them with water, or can you wrap them in a damp cloth? I have already planted cucumbers once in early spring at once on the beds, but only five bushes have sprung up. I sin on the fact that I sowed the seeds dry, immediately from the packages. Now I want to annoy, and this time I will definitely have to soak it, because it’s too late, soon it will be very hot. Something needs to be added to the water?

how to soak cucumber seeds before planting Pre-planting seed preparation is one of the very first and most important procedures for growing cucumbers. It does not matter where they are planted – directly into open ground or first for seedlings. Knowing what and how to soak cucumber seeds before planting, you can significantly increase the yield of the crop. Soaking allows you to solve several problems at once. First, reject hollow seeds that will not sprout, and you will have to repot the cucumbers again. Secondly, to accelerate the germination of seeds, because in a dry form they will stay in the soil longer while they sprout. And thirdly, to process the planting material for the prevention of diseases..

How to soak cucumber seeds before planting

methods of soaking seeds Soaking allows dry seeds to be saturated with life-giving moisture and germination will appear faster. In addition, they will appear almost simultaneously, and the plants will develop evenly..

You can soak cucumbers in one of two ways using:

  1. A regular plastic bag. Take a small piece of soft cloth, moisten well with water and squeeze lightly. The seeds are laid out on one side and the fabric is folded in half, covering them. Then put into a bag and close it. In a couple of days, small sprouts will already be visible.
  2. Glass jar with a lid. Seeds wrapped in a damp cloth are placed in a jar and closed.

Some gardeners use another fast track method. Instead of water, they take vodka and dip seeds wrapped in gauze in it for a quarter of an hour. In this case, they must be sown immediately, as soon as they dry out..

What can you soak seeds in?

Cucumbers can simply be left in water to germinate. But it will be much more effective to additionally use special means. These can be drugs that will help:

  1. Disinfect planting material and protect plants from diseases in the future. The simplest remedy is potassium permanganate. The seeds are dipped in a saturated pink solution for 20 minutes. Do this after soaking, just before disembarking..soaking seeds in potassium permanganate
  2. Accelerate germination. For this, growth stimulants are used, which can be added to the water already when the seeds are soaked. Exposure times depend on the specific drug. The most popular stimulant is Epin-Extra.soaking seeds in the growth regulator

Natural growth stimulant for soaking cucumber seeds

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