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Spider web flower cleoma – growing from seed, when to plant is better

Interested in such a flower as cleoma, growing from seeds, when to plant and how to do it correctly. I bought seeds at a sale, I really liked the photo on the package, I haven’t had one yet. As far as I understand, glue should be planted on seedlings first? Or you can sow directly into the ground?

cleoma growing from seed when to plant She has very decorative feathery leaves, but the real decoration of the plant is its long and gentle flowering. To see the amazing bloom, it is important to know what cleoma is, growing from seed, when to plant this crop. The fact is that by its nature, cleoma is a perennial. However, in the conditions of our winters in the open ground, it freezes out, therefore it grows like an annual. And in order to have time to admire its flowering, it is necessary to sow seeds in a timely manner. By the way, seed reproduction is the preferred method of planting flowers..

Cleoma – growing from seed, when to plant

cleoma Cleoma belongs to the cleome family of the same name and has up to 70 varieties. It grows as a bush of an erect and strong stem, the height of which can reach 1.5 m. The main part of the leaves is located in the lower part of the stem and is a deeply dissected plate with 7 lobes. From June until frost hits, cleoma blooms, dissolving original flowers on the top of the stems one after another. They have four elongated petals and very long, thin stamens that resemble spider legs. The color is dominated by white, pink and purple colors. At the end of flowering, small seeds ripen, collected in small pods.

You can plant glue both directly on a flower bed and on seedlings, and each method has its own advantages..

Features of sowing cleoma in the ground

when to sow glue on a flower bedYou can plant seeds in a flower bed:

  • in spring, towards the end of April, when the soil warms up;
  • before winter, in the month of October.

Autumn planting is preferable. The cleoma planted in this way will sprout earlier than the one sown in the spring. It will be stronger than spring crops and will bloom earlier too. In order for the seedlings to overwinter perfectly, they need to be covered with spruce branches, and in early spring – with lutrasil, then the seedlings will appear faster.

When to plant seeds for seedlings

cleoma growing from seeds when to plant for seedlingsBut the most optimal way to grow cleoma is to sow seeds for seedlings. While it’s time to transplant the grown seedlings into the garden, seeds are just beginning to be sown in open ground. Accordingly, the seedling method allows you to bring flowering closer by more than a month..

You can sow seeds for seedlings at the end of winter. Since they do not emerge very amicably, it is better to pre-soak in a growth stimulator. It is convenient to plant one seed at a time in peat tablets. If it is not possible to purchase them, a small tray and a mixture of earth, humus and sand (2: 2: 1) will do. It is better to cover the crops from above with foil until shoots appear..

After the formation of a pair of leaves, the plants should be dived into separate containers. A week and a half after the transplant, you can add a mineral complex. Seedlings are transplanted to a flower bed at the end of May to a sunny place.

How to grow glue from seeds

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