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Yielding, unpretentious, the best – what varieties of carrots for the Urals are advised by gardeners

Please advise the varieties of carrots for the Urals, not just for consumption, but to survive until spring. For the second year now I have been sowing the seeds that my mother sent me. I do not know what the name of the variety is, but it ripens quickly, it succeeds in our short summer. The root vegetables themselves are tasty, sweet, but they are not stored for long. I will not bring out this carrot, because of the taste, but I would like to have my own vegetables for the winter.

carrot varieties for the Urals Carrots are not highly demanding crops, but they have one feature – a long growing season. When growing crops in regions with a cold climate, it is necessary to take this nuance into account, and also do not forget about resistance to low temperatures. When choosing carrot varieties for the Urals, give preference to frost-resistant hybrids. And also decide for what purpose you need root crops – for storage or for immediate use. It depends on which species is better to grow in terms of maturity..

Features of growing carrots in the Urals

features of growing carrots in the Urals The climate of the Urals is ambiguous. The East European part is characterized by milder temperatures, both in summer and winter. And it is closer to the conditions of the middle zone of the country. It is quite possible to grow carrots of all types of ripening, from early to late in the open field..

The Siberian part of the Urals cannot please gardeners with warmth. Summer is short there, autumn is early, spring is late, and winter completely “freezes” down to minus 40 ° С. Under such conditions, only an early carrot will have time to ripen in the open field. Mid- and late-ripening varieties are best grown in greenhouses.

Early ripe carrots are only suitable for culinary purposes. For winter storage, medium or late varieties should be planted. When choosing a variety, consider its zoning. For the Urals, species are suitable for growing in the middle lane, including in the Urals.

Carrot varieties for the Urals of early ripening

The main advantage of early species is that they can be planted anywhere. In any climate, root crops have time to ripen, grow sweet and juicy..

Early varieties are grown:

  1. On the wall. Fruits weighing up to 150 g ripen in 80 days.carrot variety nasten
  2. Amsterdam. Juicy carrots, rounded at the tips, reach a length of 17 cm, weigh 150 g, and have a thin core. Ripen after 90 days.Amsterdam carrot variety
  3. Belgien Wyatt. An original variety with large white roots. Reveals its advantages after heat treatment, emitting a pleasant aroma that raw fruits do not have.carrot variety belgien white
  4. Alenka. Small sweet carrots ripen in 70 days, reaching a length of no more than 12 cm.carrot variety alenka
  5. Dragon. Interesting variety with orange flesh and purple skin.dragon carrot variety

Mid-season hardy carrots

This group of varieties is in the beds for at least three months. It is advisable to grow it outdoors in the warmer part of the Urals, where summer is not very short..

The following medium varieties of carrots have proven themselves well:

  1. Altai gourmet with thick roots weighing 120-150 g.carrot variety Altai gourmet
  2. Red giant with long, up to 25 cm, carrots, ripening in 100 days.carrot variety red giant
  3. Callisto. Root crops weigh 135 g, reach 22 cm in length.Ripen in 3.5 months.callisto carrot variety
  4. Nantes with long, even fruits weighing up to 170 g.carrot variety Nantes

Late ripening carrots

The difference between late varieties is not only in a longer ripening period. They are more frost-resistant and have good shelf life, some species lie until the new harvest..

Late varieties for storage are suitable:

  1. Shantane. A versatile variety that can be planted in any region. Carrots are large, weighing up to 250 g, in the shape of a cone, ripen in 130 days. Stored for at least eight months.shantane carrot variety
  2. Yellowstone. Fusiform roots of unusual yellow color. Weigh up to 200 g.yellowstone carrot variety
  3. Tinga. A hybrid with long fruits weighing up to 120 g, reddish on the outside, orange on the inside. Ripens in 135 days, is stored until the end of winter.Tinga carrot variety
  4. Totem. Another hybrid variety that ripens after 140 days. Long carrots (over 20 cm) weigh 130 g, the skin and flesh are slightly reddish.carrot variety totem

The best resistant carrots

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