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How to water cyclamen: important nuances for flower growers

Tell me how to water the cyclamen? I bought a beautiful flowering bush yesterday and I really don’t want to ruin it like the last flower. A couple of years ago, I already had a sad experience. Colleagues at work gave me a cyclamen, so it just rotted away. I guess I overdid it with watering.

how to water cyclamen Cyclamen is one of the most beautiful indoor flowers. Painted round leaves and large bright flowers with long legs … This spectacle will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a pity that the plant does not always and not all take root. One of the most common causes of cyclamen death is improper watering. The root system of the plant is a rounded tuber, something akin to a bulb. And the latter, as you know, are very sensitive to waterlogging. In constant moist soil, the tuber soon begins to rot and the flower disappears. How to water cyclamen so that it does not dry out, but also does not rot?

Watering frequency

cyclamen First of all, you need to decide how often to moisten the soil. You cannot wait for the substrate to dry completely. Then the cyclamen itself will dry up: the leaves will lose their turgor and fall. If such a bush is “drunk” sharply, you can lose it – the tuber will simply burst.

The frequency of watering depends on the condition of the soil and the period of crop development. You can determine that the turn of the next watering has already come by digging your finger into the ground. It should be 2-3 cm dry.

For abundant and lush flowering, you can add mineral fertilizer (Ideal or Pocon) to the water.

The exception is the dormant period – then the cyclamen, like all resting flowers, is watered extremely poorly and rarely. It is enough to moisturize it twice a month. However, it should be borne in mind that cyclamen rests in the summer, and blooms from autumn to spring..

How to water cyclamen: the best ways

Watering the flower should be very careful, making sure that no water gets into the center of the outlet. The pot must have drainage holes through which excess liquid will go.

There are two ways to “drink” the cyclamen without harming it:

  1. Through the pallet. Fill a deep bowl with water and immerse the pot with cyclamen for an hour. After the specified time has elapsed, remove the flower and leave for another half hour in the tray. Pour the water that drains into the pan. You can also just pour water into the pan..watering in a pallet
  2. Watering into a pot. In this case, it is better to take a watering can and direct a stream of water along the wall of the flowerpot..watering in a pot

For irrigation, it is better to use settled or melt water. It is not necessary to boil it; if necessary, cold water is simply slightly warmed up to room temperature.

Video about watering adult cyclamens

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