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How to feed tomatoes during flowering to get a good harvest

You’re asking: “Please advise what to feed the tomatoes during flowering? I want them to bear fruit as long as possible, but our land is not very good, clayey. You can’t grow anything without watering, it’s good that they made a well a couple of years ago. Young tomato bushes were fed with nitrogen preparations. But, as far as I know, they can only be used at an early stage of the growing season. And when the bushes are blooming and fruits begin to pour on them, how can you fertilize? “

what to feed tomatoes during flowering

We answer: For the full development and abundant fruiting of tomatoes, it is necessary to provide them with nutrients. This is important not only at the seedling stage, but also when the buds appear. Knowing what to feed tomatoes during flowering can not only provide them with significant support. But also to increase the number of buds, which means – and yield.

Why fertilize flowering tomatoes – what is the importance of such dressings

why feed tomatoes during flowering

If the plants lack nutrients during the bud formation period, they will produce many barren flowers. It is pointless to wait for fruits from such flowers. But they also need food, so they take it away from pollinated flowers, preventing their fruits from fully developing. This can affect the palatability. The tomato has a hard core, and the taste is dominated by a sour note. In addition, seeds from fruits deprived of nutrition are weak. Their germination decreases, and if the seeds germinate, they give weak seedlings. Therefore, feeding flowering tomatoes is so important. They help the plant to avoid nutritional deficiencies and all these consequences associated with it..

Often tomatoes themselves let you know that they need additional “food and vitamins.” This is evidenced by yellowing of the lower leaves or the manifestation of a brown or purple hue on them. Plants stop their development, practically do not grow and do not set new buds.

How to feed tomatoes during flowering

what fertilizers do tomatoes need during flowering

Tomatoes need nitrogen fertilizers only when they grow a leafy aerial part. With the onset of flowering and further, the bushes need potassium-phosphorus fertilizing. For these purposes, you can use organic, mineral and complex fertilizers..

It is impossible to wait until the fruits have already formed on the bushes, because the plants by this time will already be greatly weakened. The best time for fertilizing is the active flowering phase, but when the ovary is not yet there.

Organic fertilizers

wood ash for feeding tomatoes

The most harmless way to feed tomatoes and at the same time get natural vegetables, without “chemistry”, as they say, is organic:

  • wood ash;
  • yeast;
  • boric acid;
  • humates (ready-made preparations Lignohumate, GUMI, Gumat-Universal).

Also popular are folk remedies for feeding tomatoes in the form of herbal infusion, ammonia, milk with iodine and peroxide.

Mineral fertilizers

superphosphate for feeding tomatoes

These include drugs whose main active ingredient is potassium and phosphorus, for example:

  • superphosphate;
  • potassium sulfate;
  • potassium salt;
  • potassium chloride.

Complex preparations

Kemira Lux for feeding tomatoes

This type of fertilizer is one of the best options. Complex preparations contain all the elements necessary for tomatoes, while in the right proportions. Very convenient liquid complexes – you just need to dissolve them in water and water the plants.

Among the complex fertilizers for flowering tomatoes, they have proven themselves well:

  • Station wagon;
  • Kemira Lux;
  • Senor Tomato;
  • Solution.

Tomatoes are blooming – it’s time to feed, what exactly

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