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Is it possible to preserve the Chocolate tomato variety and what is its peculiarity

What type of tomato is the Chocolate variety and is it suitable for conservation? I will plant for the first time, or rather, I have already sown seeds and just recently planted seedlings. Placed right in the garden, because I don’t know where it can be grown, but it is already very warm here, almost summer. I think it won’t get any worse, because both in the greenhouse and outside the temperature is the same. Will this variety really have dark fruits, and how do they taste??

tomato variety chocolate If yellow and pink tomatoes are no longer surprising, then dark-fruited species are still rare. Some are somewhat frightened off by the unusual color, while others are simply afraid to plant new varieties and prefer the time-tested tomatoes. However, the Chocolate tomato variety is not so young – it will receive official registration more than 14 years ago. And during this time he managed to find his fans due to his high taste characteristics. And really, well, who might not like large, beautiful tomatoes with sweet pulp, even if they are dark?

Tomato variety Chocolate – description

tomato bush chocolate The mid-season variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions. Feels good in the open field, where it gives a higher yield, especially in the south. In northern latitudes, tomatoes are planted in greenhouses. By the way, as a greenhouse crop, the variety turns into an early one, and ripens already 3.5 months after sowing..

The bushes are indeterminate, grow more than 1.5 m in height and need shaping and tying. Tomatoes are usually grown in one or two stems.

Tomato Chocolate is characterized by a very high resistance to fungal diseases and is immune to rot.

Features of fruiting

tomato fruit chocolateEach cluster contains 4-5 fruits, and the first is tied after the 8th leaf. The yield of the variety is at an average level, a little more than 4 kg per 1 sq. m. But on the other hand, the fruits will delight you with their large size, rich color and excellent taste. The average weight of each tomato is at least 150 g, but there are specimens weighing up to 400 g. Fruits are beautifully rounded, slightly flattened on both sides, with 4-6 seed nests. The soft skin changes its color gradually as it ripens: green, yellow, red, and when fully ripe – chocolate. The pulp is juicy, sweet, red in color, with green-brown walls.

Tomato variety Chocolate – salad, but also suitable for blanks, especially for processing, if the color of the fruit is not “annoying”.

The fruits should be picked as they ripen and used immediately in a couple of days maximum. Tomatoes are not stored and do not ripen if removed at the semi-ripe stage.

Pros and cons of the variety

pros and cons of chocolate tomatoOf the benefits of chocolate tomatoes, it is worth noting:

  • beautiful large fruits of an unusual color;
  • sweet pulp;
  • disease resistance.

The disadvantages include the average yield. Also, not everyone is satisfied with the fact that the fruits cannot be stored and ripened..

Video review of tomato Chocolate

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