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Where to grow a Casanova tomato and what is special about it

Is it possible to plant a Casanova tomato in open ground, and what is its ripening time? My seedlings are growing, new varieties for me, including this one. I remember long tomatoes since childhood – my mother loved to roll them up. I don’t know if I guessed right with the variety, but I bought it and sowed it. While the seedlings are in the house on the windowsills, fortunately, my windows are large, there is enough space. But soon we need to dive. Where is it better to plant – in a garden bed or still in a greenhouse? We live in the central lane.

casanova tomato Just a couple of bushes of this variety will provide you with tomatoes both for salads and for winter preparations. The Casanova tomato, original in appearance, has an unprecedented yield. Tall plants are so covered with fruits that leaves are almost invisible under them. In addition, they are very tasty, sweet, and the sour note is barely felt..

Tomato Casanova – variety description

bushes of tomatoes casanova The variety represents mid-ripening tomatoes – you can harvest in early July. The bushes are indeterminate, therefore, they require intervention in their development and stopping the growth of the central stem. It is recommended to grow Casanova in one or two stems. Usually, plants are not allowed to grow above 2 m. A powerful and developed root system is quite capable of providing food for such giants. But long shoots need a mandatory garter. Tomatoes of this variety have an average resistance to crop diseases, therefore, they need preventive treatments..

The variety is intended mainly for cultivation in greenhouse conditions and in the open field in the southern regions. Some gardeners experiment and plant Casanova in the ground in cooler climates. This option is also possible, but in this case, the fruits are removed unripe and they reach full ripeness already during storage..

Productivity and taste

fruits of tomatoes casanovaThe variety is famous for the unusual shape of the fruit, somewhat reminiscent of Pepper Tomatoes. Only Casanova tomatoes are even longer – up to 20 cm, while they have a characteristic bifurcation at the tip. Each fruit weighs up to 200 g and is covered with a dense glossy skin. When fully ripe, it turns deep red. The tomatoes taste sweet, they contain few seeds inside. In each brush, at least five fruits are tied, and from 1 square. m. you can get up to 12 kg of harvest.

The variety is considered a salad variety, but it also behaves well in conservation. The dense skin does not crack and the whole rolled tomatoes retain their shape. In addition, cans are more densely filled than round tomatoes. However, this variety is not suitable for juice extraction – it is too dry..

Pros and cons of the variety

pros and cons of casanova tomatoesThe benefits of Casanova tomatoes include:

  • high productivity;
  • large-fruited and original form of fruits;
  • great taste;
  • good transportability and keeping quality (if you collect semi-ripe tomatoes, they can be stored for up to 4 months);
  • versatility of use.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the additional troubles associated with the formation, pinching and garter of indeterminate bushes. They are also not sufficiently resistant to disease..

Overview of fruiting Casanova tomatoes

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