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What harvest will please the collective farm tomato

How many kilograms of fruit does a collective farm tomato produce from a bush and how quickly do they ripen? I decided to believe the name and bought the seeds of this variety. The seedlings have grown quite good, the seedlings are strong, the transplantation to the beds also survived well. But I see that there are not so many ovaries as I expected. What will be the tomatoes, large or not, and when to wait for the promised harvest?

collective farm tomato Looking at the not too large fruits, it is difficult to imagine why this variety got such a name. But if you decide to plant a fruitful collective farm tomato, you will not regret it. Yes, his fruits are average, but there are a lot of them on the bushes. In addition, tomatoes are distinguished by dense pulp and strong skin. This makes them not only an ideal choice for winter harvesting, but also makes it possible to store or transport crops, for example, for sale. And thanks to their increased endurance, such tomatoes can be grown in any climate..

Collective farm tomato crop – general characteristics of the variety

kolkhoz tomato bushes The domestic variety is recommended for growing in open ground. But even in greenhouses, it does not lose its yield, and it also bears tasty fruits in large quantities. True, it is advisable to plant it there only in regions with a cold climate, where it is not always possible to wait for vegetables in the beds to ripen in a short summer. Since the bushes are undersized, determinate, but with a spreading crown, they will require more space than “slender” tall tomatoes.

Tomatoes of the Kolkhozny yielding variety are distinguished by their high resistance to crop diseases, especially to late blight. Also, plants tolerate drought and temperature fluctuations well..

Productivity and taste

kolkhoz tomato fruitsThe variety belongs to the medium early, more than 4 kg of the crop can be taken from one bush. Tomatoes ripen 100 days after sowing seeds, and fruiting lasts up to three weeks. Tomatoes are medium in size, weighing up to 100 g each, rounded and red in color. But they have a dense and sweet flesh with sourness and a pronounced aroma. And also – a very strong skin, thanks to which tomatoes can be stored and transported for a long time. In addition, when preserved as a whole, they do not crack, and the fleshy pulp gives a tasty thick juice..

Despite the compact size of the bushes, they must be tied up. Otherwise, not very strong shoots will break under the weight of heavy ovaries. And to reduce the load and increase the productivity of the plant, it is recommended to form in 2 stems.

Pros and cons of domestic tomato

the pros and cons of a collective farm tomatoThe following advantages help the Kolkhozny Yielding variety to maintain a leadership position:

  • high productivity;
  • excellent taste and aroma of tomatoes, which ripen almost simultaneously;
  • versatility of fruit use;
  • the ability to store and transport crops;
  • unpretentiousness in growing;
  • immunity to disease;
  • the possibility of growing, both in the open field and in greenhouses.

The variety does not have any drawbacks as such, apart from the additional hassle – the formation and garter of plants.

The most unpretentious undersized tomato variety – Collective farm productive

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