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The sweetest and largest tomato Korneevsky pink, how to use it and where to grow it

Is Korneevsky pink tomato suitable for canning, and what fruits will it taste like? I planted it for the first time, for testing, I acquired a dozen seedling bushes. While we can only guess about the harvest, the fruits are still green. But in general, quite a lot of ovaries have formed, and the plants themselves have already surpassed other varieties in height. Korneevsky grows in my open field, there is no room left in the greenhouse. Where is it better to grow it in general and what can you say about the yield and resistance of the variety?

tomato korneevsky pink Fans of homemade tomato juice will tell you with confidence that the most delicious, rich and sweet juice is produced by Korneevsky pink tomato. Its juicy flesh with a high sugar content is just perfect for this purpose. And given the resistance of the variety to diseases and stable yield in any conditions, it is not surprising that it has become in demand and popular.

Tomato Korneevsky pink – characteristic features of the variety

Korneevsky tomato bush In the distant 80s, domestic breeders bred a new large-fruited tomato variety with high taste characteristics. Since 2019, tomato Korneevsky has received official recognition and registration. The Federal Scientific Center for Vegetable Growing recommended it for growing in greenhouses and under film. However, the unpretentious variety retains its yield in the open field in the southern regions..

By the type of plants, the variety is classified as indeterminate. The bushes grow up to 2 m in height, so they definitely need support and a garter. Especially when planted in open ground, where tomatoes grow taller than in a greenhouse. In terms of ripening, tomatoes represent a mid-ripening group, the fruits of which ripen closer to the middle of summer..

The variety is resistant to most crop diseases, but under unfavorable conditions it is not protected from rot. Waterlogging threatens stem rot, fruit cracking and late blight.

What harvest will please the old variety

tomato korneevskyKorneevskie tomatoes are famous for their fruits – large, slightly flattened, sweet. The largest tomatoes ripen in the lower clusters – their weight reaches 1 kg. The higher, the smaller the fruits, but on average, the mass of each tomato is at least 300-500 g. The variety has a high yield, because due to the large-fruited and abundant ovaries, more than 15 tomatoes with a total weight of more than 5 kg can be taken from each bush.

Timely pinching will help not only preserve, but also increase yields. To evenly divide the load on the whips, form a bush in 2 trunks, and remove excess side shoots.

At the stage of full maturity, the skin of the tomato acquires a rich raspberry-pink color. It is dense, covered with a matte bloom, which allows the tomatoes to tolerate transportation well and be stored for some time. Just for this, do not wait until they are fully ripe, but remove from the bush earlier – the fruits ripen successfully in maturation. The pulp of a tomato has a fleshy texture, juiciness and a high sugar content. The sourness in it is barely noticeable, and there are very few seeds..

Tomato Korneevsky pink can be consumed fresh. It also makes a delicious juice or sauce from its sweet pulp. It is inconvenient to preserve them entirely due to the large size of the fruits that are not included in the jars. But some housewives manage to cut the tomatoes and spread them into slices. Dense flesh and strong skin do not allow such slices to crawl and keep their shape.

Pros and cons of the variety

fruits of tomato korneevskyThe advantages of Korneevsky pink tomato are:

  • high productivity;
  • presentation and excellent taste of the fruit;
  • large-fruited;
  • transportability and keeping quality.

Since Korneevsky tomato is a “natural” variety, not a hybrid, you can harvest your seeds for the next season..

The old variety has only one drawback. Tall and spreading bushes must be tied up. Otherwise, they will not support the weight of large fruits..

Video review of fruiting tomato Korneevsky pink

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