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An ideal variety for tired gardeners – tomatoes The miracle of the lazy, how much they ripen and how they will please

Will the Lazy Miracle tomatoes have time to ripen and are they suitable for growing in the Siberian climate? I just can’t find a variety that ripens quickly and has its own vegetables all summer. It is desirable, of course, that there is also enough harvest for conservation, but this is absolutely ideal. In the meantime, we have to get out. I plant it under the film, and I pluck the last fruits and put them in the pantry for ripening.

tomatoes miracle lazy Do you have a summer cottage, but there is no way to come often to take care of the garden? Then plant the tomatoes The Bummer of the Bummer – a variety whose name reflects its character. Indeed, such unpretentious tomatoes still need to be looked for. Even with irregular care, they will give a very decent harvest, and neither a rainy summer nor drought can affect its performance. A dozen or so bushes – and you will be with tomatoes all summer, and it will also be enough for rolling.

Tomatoes Miracle of a lazy person – characteristic features of the variety

tomato bush miracle lazy The variety owes its merits, first of all, to its creators – Siberian scientists. Their goal was to bring out zoned tomatoes that will give a good harvest even in unfavorable conditions, and at the same time ripen quickly. The result exceeded all expectations. The Wonder of the Lazy variety turned out to be ultra-early, hardy, unpretentious and fruitful.

Very compact bushes do not exceed 50 cm in height and have a standard structure. Their growth is limited, there are few stepsons, so you do not have to pinch and thin them additionally. The shoots of plants are strong, the ovary is formed on lateral branches.

The Siberian variety can be planted both in the garden and in the greenhouse. It is very unpretentious and can grow almost by itself. It tolerates drought well without losing yield, only the tomato pulp becomes drier. But at the same time it is not afraid of prolonged rains, and the fruits do not burst from waterlogging. Bushes also rarely get sick, and from late blight and macrosporosis, they can not be treated even for prevention.

Lazy Wonder Tomatoes can grow even in a shaded area. Just be prepared for the fact that in this case they will be less sweet and aromatic..

Indicators of yield and taste

tomato fruit the miracle of the lazyEven in the Urals and Siberia, tomatoes have time to ripen, because the variety belongs to the ultra-early. You will take off the first crop within 90 days after germination. And if summer will please you with good weather, then with your tomatoes you will be until the beginning of autumn.

Each bush will give more than 5 kg of small, weighing about 60 g, tomatoes. They are elongated, often with a “spout” at the tip, covered with a very strong red skin. The pulp is firm, aromatic and sweet. Tomatoes are good in salads, they are stored in a cool place for a long time. And in conservation, especially in whole, in cans, they are ideal, because thanks to the dense skin they do not crack. But they are not juicy enough for juicing, although they are very aromatic. But they can be dried and dried..

What are the Miracle of the Lazy Tomatoes superior to other varieties

the pros and cons of tomatoes the miracle of the lazyThe Siberian variety has some advantages, because it:

  • ripens early and has extended fruiting;
  • unpretentious and easy to clean;
  • not afraid of drought or waterlogging;
  • tolerates temperature swings;
  • does not get sick;
  • gives tasty, transportable and shelf-stable fruits of universal application.

There are no drawbacks to the Lazy Miracle tomatoes, except that for greenhouse cultivation it is worth choosing a different variety. These same undersized bushes will take up more precious space..

How the tomato grew without leaving The miracle of the lazy

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