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Unpretentious hybrid tomato Doll Masha F1 – where to grow the variety to get a high yield

Where is it better to plant a tomato Doll Masha F1, and what is its yield? We have a small greenhouse, so we have to carefully consider the choice of crops. I bought several varieties of tomatoes, including this new hybrid for me. But when the seedlings sprouted, I realized that everything would not fit and I would have to plant some of it immediately on the beds. Will this variety grow outdoors??

tomato doll masha F1 If you want to get an early tomato harvest, but at the same time have as little hassle as possible, plant a tomato doll Masha F1. The young hybrid received official registration only 11 years ago, but the fame of him has already spread among amateur gardeners. An unpretentious domestic variety will delight you with a good yield and large, sweet and beautiful pink tomatoes.

Tomato doll Masha F1 – features of the variety

features of varieties of tomatoes doll masha Hybrid early maturing variety created specifically for growing in greenhouses. If you have a heated greenhouse, tomatoes can grow there, but they are not suitable for outdoor conditions. There will be no problems with caring for plants, because they are quite compact in size. The height of the bushes does not exceed 80 cm, and it is not necessary to form and pinch them – the determinant standard variety. Large leaves adorn sturdy stems that do not need additional support. They perfectly withstand the load of fruits.

The variety of tomatoes Doll Masha is distinguished by high immunity to many diseases of the culture, especially to verticillosis.

Flavor characteristics and yield

tomato fruit doll mashaThe hybrid has a short growing season – you will receive the first tomatoes within 100 days from the moment of seed germination. Fruits ripen together, up to 6 pieces are tied in each brush. From 1 sq. m. you can take up to 10 kg of vegetables.

Round-shaped tomatoes with a weakly pronounced ribbing and dense skin. At the stage of full maturity, they turn pink. The mass of each fruit is not less than 200 g. The pulp is dense, fleshy, aromatic. Pink tomatoes make excellent fresh salads. And also sweet sauces, adjika, lecho, juice and pickled whole tomatoes.

The dense skin protects the fruit from damage during transport, so you can safely grow a hybrid for sale.

What are the advantages of a hybrid and does it have disadvantages

pros and cons of tomato doll mashaThe young variety has become popular due to its positive qualities:

  • early maturity;
  • unpretentiousness in growing and simple care (without pinching and shaping);
  • large-fruited;
  • excellent taste and presentation of fruits;
  • the possibility of transporting the crop;
  • immunity.

The Masha Doll has one drawback – it cannot be planted in the open field. And the variety also needs good lighting..

Tomato variety Doll Masha

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