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How to prepare tomato seeds at home – preparing for a new planting season

You’re asking: “Tell me how to prepare tomato seeds at home? I bought seeds of yellow-fruited tomatoes in the spring, they turned out to be very tasty. The fruits are large, juicy, sweet, for a salad these are the best tomatoes that I have eaten. And which of them turned out to be a sauce – an unusual color, very fragrant, not at all sour … I want to collect my seeds, now I will grow them every year. I don’t remember the name of the variety, but it’s definitely not a hybrid. ”

We answer: More and more gardeners are trying to harvest their own tomato planting material. This is a good opportunity to save money, and also not to lose and breed the tomatoes you like. So that the work is not in vain, it is worth knowing how to prepare tomato seeds at home. First of all, germination depends on this, because only well-ripened seeds are suitable for reproduction. Moreover, they must be absolutely healthy. And properly stored to prevent seedlings from contamination with various diseases..

How to prepare tomato seeds at home

Homemade seeds are a sure guarantee that the variety you need will grow in your beds. There are often cases when, instead of beautiful large tomatoes, as in the photo on the package, small fruits grow, suitable only for juice. Therefore, it is better to spend a little time once to get what you need. And even completely free.

You can only collect seeds from real varietal tomatoes. If you bought a hybrid, then this will not work with it. In hybrid tomatoes, varietal qualities are not transferred. Even breeders will not undertake to predict what will grow from such seeds..

To prepare planting material, pick ripe, but not overripe, fruits, preferably from the lower ovary. Then the risk of cross-pollination will be minimal. The further procedure is as follows:

  1. Cut the tomato into pieces and spoon out the seeds. Or, squeeze them out on a saucer with juice and pulp particles.
  2. Soak the seeds in water for two days. This is necessary in order for the fermentation process to begin, which will destroy the protective shell. Such seeds then germinate faster. And they are distinguished by a higher germination rate than those that have not been soaked.
  3. Rinse the seeds well several times through a strainer..
  4. Spread out on a napkin and let dry.

choose seeds soak tomato seedswe wash the tomato seeds dry tomato seeds

What is the best way to store tomato seeds

When the seeds are completely dry, they can be sent for storage. Pay attention to this point – unfinished material can rot. Especially if it was not stored properly. But even dry seeds should “breathe” freely so as not to go bad. Therefore, plastic bags are definitely not suitable for storage..

how to store tomato seeds

Planting material for tomatoes and other crops must be stored in paper bags or cloth bags. And always in a dry place, preferably not very warm. Under these conditions, homemade tomato seeds can last up to 10 years. But already in the fifth year of storage, their germination begins to gradually decline, so have time to use it before that time. And don’t forget to sign the sachets and pouches so you know for sure what to plant..

How to properly harvest tomato seeds

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