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What yield will please the Superbomb tomato and whether it depends on weather conditions

You’re asking: “Does the Superbomba tomato still yield high yields when grown outdoors? Temperature fluctuations will not affect the amount of ovary, and in general on the growth and fruiting of a tomato? Last year I planted this variety for the first time in a greenhouse. The result was very pleasing – at least 5 kg from each bush. And it tasted even better than my favorite yellow tomatoes. I want to try planting it in the garden next year. How resistant is the variety to cool summer? “

tomato superbomb

We answer: Among the varieties of Siberian selection, the Superbomb tomato occupies a special place, because it is not for nothing that it was given such a telling name. Like all species zoned for regions with a difficult climate, it has a very high endurance. In addition, even in cold summer conditions, the bushes give a very high yield. At the same time, very large tomatoes, although they do not have a beautiful presentation and regular shapes, grow tasty, juicy and fleshy.

Tomato Superbomb – characteristics and features of the variety

tomato bush superbomb

One of the young varieties, bred by Siberian breeders specifically for the local climate, appeared in the State Register only in 2017.But, thanks to its excellent qualities, it has already become famous in 4 years. If only for the reason that the Super Bomb has a stable yield, which does not depend on the growing conditions. By the way, it can be planted both under film shelters and in greenhouses, and in open ground. With good care, each bush yields up to 7 kg of fruit.

The plants themselves are determinant, although they grow quite tall. In open ground, their height reaches 80-100 cm, in greenhouses, bushes can be 2 times higher. Given these dimensions, tomatoes need supports and a garter. And they are also recommended to be formed in 2-3 stems. It is with this method that it is possible to obtain the maximum number of fruits..

The variety is resistant to most fungal diseases, but vulnerable to late blight and Alternaria. Most often, tomatoes are sick with them when there is a lack of nutrition. Therefore, it is important to regularly feed the plantings..

What tomatoes look like and what they taste like

tomato fruit superbomb

In terms of ripening, the Superbomba variety belongs to the mid-season. The first tomatoes can be harvested after 100 days. They have a rounded shape, but with irregular outlines, flattened at the top. In addition, fruits often have deep ribs, which give them an uneven appearance..

But the tomato skin is beautiful, shiny, painted in a deep red color. And the pulp itself is also perfect: very fleshy, juicy, sweet and sour in the greenhouse and almost without sourness in the garden. These tomatoes make delicious salads, juices, sauces. They are not suitable for whole-fruit canning, because the mass of each fruit is at least 300 g. And this is far from the limit: many gardeners managed to grow tomatoes weighing up to 600 g.

Pros and cons of the Siberian variety

Pros and cons of tomato superbomb

In addition to its high endurance and adaptation to growing conditions, the Superbomb tomato has many other advantages:

  • it can be grown outdoors even in Siberian climates;
  • very high yields are stable and do not depend on the weather and planting method;
  • large and tasty fruits;
  • resistance to most diseases of culture.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the susceptibility to late blight and alternaria disease. And still not everyone is satisfied with the too high height of the bushes, as for determinants. Which, moreover, need a garter and shaping. However, these activities are carried out for almost all types of tomatoes. Moreover, a Superbomb without a garter simply cannot withstand the weight of its huge and heavy fruits.

Superbomb tomato video review

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