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Why dwarf roses disappear – plant diseases and pests

Tell me, what diseases and pests can dwarf roses be affected by? I still have a small collection, but from time to time I come across unpleasant situations – either the leaves will wither, or some insects are crawling on them. I would like to know about possible problems and ways to solve them.

dwarf rose diseases The charming dwarf roses are the miniature embodiment of the garden on our windowsills. Thanks to them, you can admire the delicate flowers almost all year round. They also look great in a real garden, complementing their larger cousins. However, even despite indoor growing conditions, such plants also get sick and suffer from various insects..

Especially often, diseases and pests affect those dwarf roses that are improperly looked after. As a result of excessive or insufficient watering, lack of nutrients or inappropriate conditions, delicate flowers often get sick and even completely disappear..

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What do dwarf roses hurt??

Most often, miniature roses suffer from the following diseases:

  1. Powdery mildew. First, the leaves, and then the whole plant, is covered with a white bloom – mold. It is important to detect the disease at the initial stage, until it has affected the entire bush – then you can do with the removal of bloom leaves and treating the rose with Fundazol. Otherwise, you will have to cut the rose at the root..powdery mildew
  2. Downy mildew. It differs from the previous disease in that plaque most of all affects the inner side of the leaf plate, as well as wet areas. Treating the plant is similar to getting rid of powdery mildew..false dew
  3. Spotting. It manifests itself with the beginning of the flowering period: small spots form on the leaves, and over time they completely dry out. Sick foliage should be cut off and the rose should be sprayed with a copper-containing preparation.spotting

Elevated air temperature and humidity are ideal conditions for the appearance of spotting on roses, and an excess of fertilizer and lack of fresh air contribute to the development of powdery mildew fungi..

What pests can attack rose bushes?

Dwarf roses are very fond of such harmful insects as:

  • aphid;
  • leaf roll;
  • spider mite;
  • caterpillar moth;
  • shield;
  • rose sawfly.

spider miteSince dry air contributes to the appearance of a spider mite, to prevent its appearance, dwarf roses should be periodically sprayed and bathed.

You can get rid of most pests with folk methods, such as treating roses with garlic or tobacco infusion. If the lesion is massive, it is better to use special drugs, for example, Aktelik, Fufanon, Strela.

Fungal diseases of roses – video

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