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Glyocladin tablets against seedling diseases

Last year, my tomato seedlings were very ill. A neighbor advised this season to add Glyocladin tablets when sowing seeds. Tell me how you can use Glyocladin in seedling tablets against her diseases?

glyocladin tablets Glyocladin is a biological fungicide that is used to restore healthy soil microflora, as well as to prevent and treat various diseases in plants. The drug is available in various forms, and when growing seedlings of vegetable and flower crops, the tablet form of the fungicide has proven itself well..

Properties of the drug

Glyocladin contains spores of Trichoderma fungi and metabolites. When they enter the topsoil, they begin to grow and multiply, blocking the development of pathogens. This only happens if there are favorable conditions:

  • wet soil;
  • mulching the soil to avoid drying out.

In dry soil and at high temperatures, the drug loses its effectiveness, since fungal spores die.

Fungicide is used to treat diseases such as:

  • wilting of plants;
  • root rot;
  • leaf and stem diseases.

As a result of the action of the drug, a healthy flora of the soil mixture is formed, which allows not only to grow high-quality crops, but also to get a large harvest with improved taste characteristics..

Glyocladin is absolutely harmless, non-toxic and non-addictive to pathogens.

Features of the use of tablets for seedlings

When growing seedlings, Glyocladin acts equally well at different stages:

  1. When sowing seeds. For one 300 ml pot, put one tablet shallowly into the soil.
  2. During picking of seedlings. Put one tablet in each well.
  3. When transplanting seedlings to the garden. For each plant in the hole, close up 1 tablet near the root system.

The tablet form of the drug is intended only for adding to the soil and is not used for preparing solutions. In the case of sowing seeds directly into open ground, crushing of the tablet is allowed. Mix a small amount of soil with a crushed tablet and pour into the grooves at the same time with the seeds..

The action of the Glyocladin tablet begins within a week after its introduction and ranges from 8 to 12 weeks.

Do not combine biological fungicide with chemical components. When using other biological products, it is necessary to maintain a break of at least 1 week.

The use of Glyocladin tablets when growing seedlings – video

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