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How to disinfect soil for seedlings: the best and simplest methods

Tell me how to disinfect the soil for seedlings? We sowed tomatoes in soil purchased in a store. It was written on the packaging that it was completely ready for use. So we decided that we didn’t need to do anything else. And the earth turned out to be with a surprise – there was some nasty thing in it after all. As a result, our plants got very sick and turned out to be frail. I would like to avoid similar troubles in the future. How to keep the soil safe and free of germs?

how to disinfect the ground for seedlings The normal development of all plants, be it garden crops or flowers, depends on the soil. After all, it is from it that they receive the nutrients necessary for growth. This is especially important for young plants – fragile seedlings are even more in need of a balanced composition of the earth. However, in addition to microelements, microflora is also present in any substrate, sometimes not very useful. It affects plant growth by suppressing it and interfering with normal development. In order to prevent a sad outcome, it is important to know how to disinfect the ground for seedlings..

Why do you need to disinfect the soil?

steaming Various pathogenic microbes can thoroughly harm seedlings. Moreover, they are present not only in the ground from the garden. Store universal soil mixtures can also contain pathogenic flora. As you know, seedlings are grown in greenhouse conditions of high humidity and temperature. And this is exactly the atmosphere that suits bacteria perfectly. In warmth and moisture, they begin to actively grow and multiply. As a result, the seedlings begin to ache, it is harder to tolerate a transplant, or even disappear altogether..

Do not forget about pests: their larvae are also often found in untreated soil..

How to disinfect the ground for seedlings: popular methods

potassium permanganate

Every gardener and florist has his own favorite method of disinfection. Perhaps something from our list will be useful to you. So, you can destroy pathogenic microbes and pest larvae in the following ways:

  1. Ignite the ground in the oven. Pour the soil onto a baking sheet in a not thick layer and fry for 40 minutes.
  2. Steam in a water bath. You need to do this for at least 1.5 hours..
  3. Freeze. For a week in winter, leave the land on the balcony or in another room that is not heated. Then warm up for 7 days in the house. Repeat the procedure one more time.
  4. Spill with potassium permanganate. The method is good for black soil, but not suitable for acidic soil. Potassium permanganate will make it even sour.
  5. Spill with biologics. They will not only destroy the “bad” bacteria, but will also populate the “good” bacteria. Means such as Fitosporin, Trichodermin and Barrier work well..

In conclusion, I would like to add that in the case of using “chemistry”, you should follow the instructions. Overdose can make the soil sterile, and in such soil it is difficult to grow anything..

Four ways to disinfect the earth – video

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