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How to store raspberry seedlings in winter to keep them warm

You’re asking: “Tell me how best to organize the storage of raspberry seedlings in winter so that they do not freeze? We were very late with the landing, and the fall this year turned out to be early and cold. I can’t decide what to do with the purchased plants, I have fifty varietal large-fruited raspberries at a decent price. To plant now means to lose the plants and waste money. How and where is it better to save them until spring? “

storing raspberry seedlings in winter

We answer: Autumn planting of raspberries can be carried out until October. But do not forget that it needs at least two weeks to take root before the onset of severe frosts. If the weather has failed, and you did not manage to meet these deadlines, it is better to organize the storage of raspberry seedlings in winter. Most often, raspberries are propagated by annual shoots. It goes without saying that they are ready for digging and transplanting only in the fall. However, the maximum dates for autumn planting are the second decade of October. There is no point in planting later – young bushes simply will not have time to take root and will die. Therefore, the best solution to the problem with late seedlings is to send them for storage..

Storing raspberry seedlings in winter – popular and reliable ways

how to store seedlings

From mid-autumn to spring planting, raspberries can be stored in a dark and cool place. For this, the following are suitable:

  1. Basement. Potted seedlings can simply be lowered and left until spring. Remember to water them a little over the winter a couple of times to keep the potted soil from drying out. If you have plants with open roots, dig them into a container with sand or peat..
  2. Fridge. Wrap the plants in a damp cloth, put them in a bag and send them to the bottom shelf.
  3. Balcony. Only a glazed extension is suitable, on which the temperature does not drop below zero in winter. Dig in the seedlings in a pot and wrap it well with covering material. Don’t forget to pick the darkest spot to keep the plants from growing..
  4. Garden. Yes, you can store any seedlings on the street, but for this you need to dig them in the ground. Make a trench, lay the plants at an angle and cover halfway with earth. Cover the top with spunbond, and when it snows, arrange a “snow cover” as well. Only plants with an open root system are stored this way..
  5. Greenhouse. Also suitable for dripping raspberries.

On the street, you can still save seedlings just under the snow, if the winters are snowy. Dig a shallow hole, wrap the raspberries in a bag, and lower them into the recess. Cover with a layer of snow up to 60 cm thick, and on top – with a small layer (20 cm) of sawdust.

How to prepare seedlings for winter storage

storage of seedlings by dropping

Before sending for storage, do not forget to conduct a thorough inspection of the planting material. The seedlings should be healthy, with smooth bark, developed root systems and dormant buds. Reject the specimens on which the leaves have suddenly blossomed. It is pointless to store them, such plants, having begun to grow prematurely, weaken, and they are unlikely to survive the winter..

It is easiest to store raspberries with a closed root system. Such seedlings absolutely do not need preparation for wintering. The most you need to do is wrap the pot well if it stands on the balcony..

Regarding seedlings with an open root, it is advisable to disinfect them in a solution of potassium permanganate before storing them. Soak in water for a couple of hours and cut off the leaves. Further packing of seedlings depends on the specific storage method and is described in the section above. That’s all the secrets of how to successfully preserve raspberry seedlings before spring planting..

A guaranteed way to preserve any seedlings in the winter

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