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The best way to preserve seedlings until spring is how to dig in raspberries in the fall

You’re asking: “Can you tell me how to dig in raspberries in the fall and whether you need to completely cover them with earth? I asked a neighbor to share the seedlings, she has a very large and sweet raspberry. But it so happened that she ended up in the hospital, and will return no less than a month later. She said that she would come and dig up, but I think that by that time it would be too late to plant, at night it was already very cold. I want to dig in until spring, I’d better plant it later. “

how to dig raspberries in the fall

We answer: Surely you have heard about dripping raspberries at least once, but do you know why this procedure is needed? And how to dig in raspberries in the fall so that they will successfully survive their first wintering? Today we will try to explain in detail all the nuances, and help you keep the seedlings healthy until spring.

Planting raspberries in autumn is not always the best way, and in some cases it is worth postponing the definition of a shrub for a permanent place. By and large, dropping is almost a planting, only deeper in order to protect the root system from frost. And also – temporary, just until the onset of spring.

Why add raspberries

loan to drop raspberries in the fall

If in the south there is no big difference when to plant raspberries, in spring or autumn, then in the northern regions it is better to do this in spring. A short autumn and a sharp cold snap will not leave plants a chance, not only for wintering, but even for successful rooting. If the circumstances are so and the desired variety got only before winter, when the autumn planting dates have passed, it is better to dig it in before spring.

In addition, this method is more beneficial if you have a thermophilic variety or weak seedlings. Or the permanent landing site is not ready yet. Of course, you can plant it before winter, and then transplant it again in the spring. But don’t forget that this is double stress for the plants. It can affect both its immunity and fruiting.

One nuance should be clarified: it is recommended to drop in only seedlings purchased with an open root system. Young bushes, the roots of which are in a nutritious substrate, are stronger. They can be planted immediately, of course, if it is not December..

How to dig raspberries in the fall

how to dig in raspberries in the fall

The most important thing is to choose the right place for temporary wintering of seedlings. The lowland, where water constantly accumulates, is absolutely not suitable. Like the close proximity of a dung heap or compost pit. Do not convince yourself that they will “warm” the plants and share their warmth. Is it only the pests that winter there.

The best place for digging is a hill on the south side, preferably near the wall of the building. In this case, the trench must be dug from west to east..

It is very simple to dig in raspberries, but there are some nuances:

  1. Cut off all the leaves from the seedlings. If left, moisture will evaporate through them, which will weaken the plants even more..
  2. Soak completely in water for 5 hours. Be sure to ensure that all parts of the plant are covered with water..
  3. At this time, dig a trench, one side (necessarily south) of which should be at an acute angle.
  4. Sign the seedlings, if necessary. And tuck them in a trench with tops to the south, roots to the north.
  5. Cover raspberries in layers with a mixture of earth and sand or just soil to half the height of the seedlings. Tamp each layer well, spill if necessary. In grafted bushes, the vaccination site should also be covered..

With the onset of severe frosts, mulch the tops of spruce branches remaining over the soil. And when it starts snowing, throw snow on top.

Method of storing raspberry seedlings – dropping

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