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What will help facilitate your work in the garden season – what does drip irrigation consist of?

You’re asking: “Please tell us in detail what the drip irrigation consists of. I plan to put it on strawberries next year, now we are just planting seedlings on agrofibre. I would like to know what kind of accessories need to be purchased for this irrigation system. Moreover, now is not the season and you can buy with discounts, not like in the spring. “

what is drip irrigation

We answer: It is simply unrealistic to grow any plant without water, even drought-resistant cacti. The easiest option is to regularly irrigate the plantings by hand, but it is very time consuming. It is more expedient to use special systems, and for this it is important to know what drip irrigation consists of. Today, more and more gardeners are using drip irrigation on their plots. Firstly, such a system literally relieves the owner of additional troubles. And even allows you not to be constantly on the site. Secondly, it reduces the cost of water resources, because only those areas that need it are irrigated. And thirdly, due to the fact that the water goes directly under the root system, the risks of crop diseases are reduced and useful substances are not washed out of the soil. Moreover, by adding liquid fertilizers to the water, you can feed the plants simultaneously with watering. Of course, initially you will have to invest in order to acquire the necessary components, but it’s worth it. What is needed to organize this miracle system?

The general principle of the device and the operation of drip irrigation

how drip irrigation works

Water for irrigation comes from a reservoir (for example, a barrel standing on a hill) or directly from a water tap or well. Passing through the filter, it enters the distribution hoses, and from them into the droppers (hoses, tapes, tubes). They are placed underground or above the soil directly under the plants, usually along the beds. Drippers have small holes, from which watering is carried out: in a small amount, drip, slowly.

A simple drip irrigation system must be turned on and off manually. To automate it, a special timer is installed after the filter (irrigation and water supply).

What does drip irrigation consist of – what you need to buy to collect the system

drip irrigation system

In order to assemble a drip irrigation system at home, you will need:

  1. Pressure reducer. It is needed if the central water supply is the source of water. Installed at the tap water outlet to reduce pressure.
  2. Filter. Because the holes in the drippers are very small, they quickly become clogged. For water purification, a mesh filter (for barrels or high-quality water from a water supply system) or a disk filter (for wells) is installed.
  3. Stopcock. Installed behind the filter, it blocks the water and regulates its pressure. You can install these on each separate branch of the system..
  4. Timer. Allows you to make the system itself turn on for a certain time, and turn off. Can be mechanical or electronic.
  5. Adapters and fittings. Needed to connect to the tap, as well as make the wiring of the system.
  6. Drip tapes. They regulate the water pressure and flow rate in the common tube and deliver water directly under the plants. The shelf life is approximately one season. Drip tubes will last longer, up to 7 years. There is still a trickling porous hose.
  7. Ring plug. Placed at the end of the system to stop the water.

How to collect drip irrigation

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