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How to build a house for a child with your own hands in an apartment: useful tips, recommendations

do-it-yourself house for the child in the apartment “Chick-chirp I’m in the house” – this is the favorite saying of kids when they play catch-up. It turns out that each of them dreams of their own room, so caring parents are ready to build a house for a child with their own hands in an apartment, in the yard or in their summer cottage..

Having a separate apartment that you can independently equip with personal belongings is a truly worthwhile desire for a kid. Here he will be able to usefully spend leisure time, dream of a wonderful future, “fly in the clouds” and prepare for adulthood. This makes it easier for parents to do important household chores without worrying about their child..

play house Many variations of such play designs are currently being produced. They can be easily purchased in the children’s department of any supermarket. But if the budget does not allow you to make such a gift to your baby, this is not a reason to leave him without his own “home”. Wise parents remember school labor lessons, find suitable materials, tools and get down to business.

According to most psychologists, play buildings develop useful skills in children that will be useful to them in adulthood..

Do-it-yourself house for a child in an apartment: purpose and importance

play house for girlsA miniature house, built with your own hands on the territory of the apartment, plays an important role in the development of the baby as a person. Here he feels like a full-fledged owner. Responsible for its design. Maintains order and spends his leisure time. As a result, the child develops the following qualities:

  • thrift;
  • a responsibility;
  • love of home;
  • respect for valuable things;
  • independence.

But the most basic function of a house for children is a useful pastime. On the one hand, here he has the most comfortable play area, on the other, a unique place of solitude and relaxation. Child psychologists say that such “buildings” are one of the most frequent dreams of babies. They present themselves as masters;

  • a fabulous house on chicken legs;
  • Indian wigwam;
  • the decorated royal tent;
  • forest wooden hut.

play area for childrenThe benefit of such dreams of an orphanage is the development of the psychological state of a small inhabitant of the earth. Parents more than once notice how the child hides in a corner, hides in the closet, under the table, retires in his room or on the balcony. And this does not mean that he is planning to do some kind of prank (to cut a dog’s hair or check for the “taste” of his mother’s lipstick). Probably, the time is already coming when he wants to take his personal space away from the “caring” eyes of his parents. Now is the time to design a house for a child in an apartment with your own hands in order to satisfy his needs.

A means for proper development

house for developmentFor a child, such a structure becomes the real center of the Universe. Here he keeps his “jewelry”, personal belongings, toys dear to his heart. When guests come to him, he accepts them on his territory, so he decides what to occupy and treat them with. He tries to look after him 24 hours a day, for which he is responsible to his parents.

In such a developing house for children, it is easy to retire in order to:

  • read your favorite fairy tale;
  • create masterpieces from plasticine;
  • paint pictures;
  • prepare dinner for the doll and feed her;
  • wait patiently for your prince.

What little kids dream about, secluded in their amazing oasis for dreams.

Parents should not forget that the child feels safe in these houses. Therefore, they need to fully support their endeavors..

homemade playhouseWith the help of a hand-made house for a child in an apartment, parents help develop self-esteem. Over time, they will become self-confident, ready for new challenges. The absence of such a zone for games often leads to the following factors:

  • growing up, the child does not want to equip his nest;
  • he is completely indifferent to his place of residence;
  • heightened desire to have a private home.

Although the latter factor seems noble, it often leads to family strife. An unbridled desire to create your own world at any cost causes a lot of suffering to people dear to your heart. Therefore, sane parents try to balance parenting, using the advice of experts. But how to make a house for a child in an apartment in order to develop positive qualities in it? Consider the wise advice of experts.

Varieties of designs

play house optionWhatever the size of the children’s room, the child still wants to have his own personal space. In it, he will be able to hide from others, relax and do his important business. Manufacturers offer many different types of playhouses for children. To an apartment or to a dacha, to a playground or to a private house. After getting acquainted with the options, everyone is free to make their own choice, the main thing is to please the kids.

Structures come in different sizes, so the living space of the room must be taken into account. Compact houses are suitable for apartments, spacious for country houses.

wigwamOften, children’s houses in an apartment are made from the following materials:

  • natural wood;
  • plastic;
  • the cloth;
  • cardboard;
  • plywood.

The main selection criteria are the form of the structure, material and purpose..

Wood products

house made of woodPlayhouses made of such material often resemble a real home. Therefore, they are installed not only on the street, but also in the apartment. The design looks good in the child’s play area and requires special care. It needs to be ventilated often, and the parts should be treated with pests and various fungi..

You can make a children’s house in an apartment with your own hands from plywood. It will be a wonderful analogue of a building made of natural wood. If beautifully decorated, it will also resemble a real residential building..

Plastic constructions

house made of plasticA modern alternative to wooden houses is plastic products. Such designs are preferred by those parents who are not able to make a house on their own..

Often, prefabricated houses for children are made of plastic. An original red roof, a stable “stone” foundation, carved windows, a chimney, a canopy protruding above the porch. In just a few minutes, your little one can become the master of this exquisite masterpiece. Inside the building, he will make the furnishings: put a chair, throw a rug on the floor, close the windows with curtains. Indeed, plastic houses for children are a cozy abode for dreams.!

In addition, they resemble a constructor, which can be assembled and disassembled at will. And how convenient it is to take care of them! Each detail is thoroughly washed in soapy water once a year to help keep the structure clean. There are different types of designs for these “toys”:

  • pink designs with turrets for young princesses;
  • gloomy fortresses for boys;
  • toddler multi-deck.

All of them are made of quality material that is odorless and durable.

Inflatable structures for one-year-old stalwarts

inflatable houseThe best option is an inflatable house for the child in the room where he spends his leisure time. Since it is considered the safest “structure”, it is used for active games with babies. They are made from PVC cloth. They do not have sharp corners, but children really like jumping on a slightly swaying surface. The design is easy to fold and move around the house.inflatable structure

Under the shade of a multi-colored tent

tentA bright house, a tent for children in an apartment, is a great opportunity to give your kid a real fairy tale. It is easy to imagine yourself in it as a treasure hunter, a brave traveler and even an Indian. The house can be purchased ready-made or made by hand. In any case, the child will like such a colorful construction for games..

Tips for adventurous parents

homemade cardboard houseTo raise full-fledged members of society, moms and dads go to great sacrifices to achieve this goal. They communicate with them, educate, teach and, of course, play. Creating a house for children in an apartment with your own hands with joint efforts is a sure way to touch their young hearts. To do this, it is enough to follow these steps:

  • set a goal;
  • design a structure;
  • choose a place in the room;
  • purchase materials;
  • prepare tools;
  • consult with your family;
  • set aside time;
  • act.

When the heart is full of enthusiasm, it remains to figure out how to make a small house for your beloved baby with your own hands. Useful tips from the masters will help young parents cope with this task..

Fabric tent

fabric tentFor the construction of a spacious playhouse, a large area is required, so this option is suitable for those who have large apartments. If there is no such luxury, it doesn’t matter. Even in a small room, you can create a house for children with your own hands – a tent made of multi-colored fabrics. To do this, you need to make a frame from a suitable material:

  • wooden slats;
  • aluminum tubes;
  • plastic structures.

The master himself chooses what he likes best. Some people use old furniture details. You can even take a regular table as a basis and cover it with a piece of cloth. Of course, they initially measure the parameters of the table, calculate the size of the canvas and sew a kind of cover. The finished product is pulled onto a prepared table..

unusual play areaWhen creating a house for children in an apartment with your own hands, it is not necessary to purchase new fabric. Tents look original from old bedspreads or remnants of dense curtain fabric. Windows made of polyethylene will help to give the house a special look. A reliable lock in the form of a regular lightning is installed at the entrance. The floors in this building are made of a mattress or a thick blanket. Here the child will feel comfortable, warm and pleasant to spend his leisure time.wigwam

The fastest version of the playhouse is the Indian wigwam. Several supports, fabric cloth and the structure is ready. It is easy to move around the room, which is especially popular with kids.

Play tunnel for the development of motor skills

game tunnelCaring parents closely monitor the physical development of their child. An invaluable help in this matter is the tissue tunnel for children. How to sew such an original device with your own hands? Fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward. For the construction you will need:

  • dense fabric;
  • several metal or plastic hoops;
  • strong threads;
  • sewing machine.

The first step is to calculate the structure. The next step is to cut out the necessary details. They are sewn in the form of a long bag, inside which several hoops are installed. With the help of such a device, the child will be able to actively and cheerfully spend his leisure time in the apartment..

Construction for children made of cardboard

play house optionThe original version of a playhouse for busy parents is to make it from scrap materials. Often it can be thick cardboard. It is better to use standard sheets that are easy to cut and then join into a structure..

When cutting the material, accidental creases or cuts must not be allowed. Otherwise, the appearance of the structure will suffer..

small houseA more affordable way to make a cardboard house for children with your own hands is to use packaging boxes from large household appliances. First, markings are made of openings (windows, doors). Next, using a sharp clerical knife, cut through these holes on the box. Together, they begin to design the playhouse. Children can paint it to their liking, and parents can add decor items.house of boxes

If you plan to make a house for a girl in the apartment, you should also think about the interior.. tiny cornerThere should be enough space in the “room” for all the necessary things. This is a crib for a doll, a stroller, a “locker” for clothes, a toy kitchen, a hospital. Young hostesses will undoubtedly be grateful to their parents for such a participation in their lives..

Playhouses made of cardboard are designed for dry rooms, as they are afraid of moisture. They are also easy to destroy. Therefore, such designs are suitable for calm, not dynamic kids..

Playhouse made of cardboard – video

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