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Folding doors interior book: advantages and installation rules

folding doors interior book To equip the room with taste, and at the same time to save free space, folding doors, interior books, will help. The structure got its name due to the peculiarity of the mechanism – when opening, two doors fold in half. It is important to pay attention to doors of this type if the dimensions of the apartment are small and the openings are narrow. In the process of manufacturing the product, various materials, accessories and mechanisms are used. Having understood what kind of folding doors are interior books and how they need to be installed, it will be much easier to equip the interior (see the step-by-step instructions for installing interior doors with your own hands).

Main advantages

comfortable design It is convenient to install the product in any room except the toilet. The door will also serve as a screen in the dressing room or wardrobe. If the hood works well in the kitchen and smells do not reach the apartment, then it is important to install the door in this room as well..

folding doorsWhen decorating an apartment, many prefer folding doors to interroom books because of the following features:

  1. When opening, the structure does not go beyond the doorway. This feature allows you to save space in the room and does not take up free space in a small corridor..opening mechanism
  2. The product is safe for small children. The structure opens smoothly, so the kids won’t be able to hit it.
  3. The product opens in both directions.
  4. It is not necessary to install a threshold here (especially if the product is completely suspended).
  5. The model looks very unusual in the interior, helping to emphasize the advantages of many style solutions.
  6. The door is an interior folding book made of various materials, like the standard model. In the production process, solid wood, veneer and laminated coating are used..
  7. The design is considered much better than the accordion door. Fewer canvases and joints are used here, which makes the web much stronger..

Cons of the model

door bookWhen installing folding doors for interior books, you will have to face the following model shortcomings:

  1. Poor sound and heat insulation. The presence of folds, a seal in the upper part, as well as a guide with rollers leaves a small distance through which noise and cold penetrate.
  2. When installing the product, you cannot do without specialized fittings..
  3. The folding mechanism is not as strong as a door made from a solid leaf.
  4. If the door is too heavy, then you will need to additionally install not only the mount from the top, but also the rollers from the bottom, and this is an extra cost.
  5. When the door leaf is decorated with glass inserts, then you need to open the product carefully or equip the mechanism with a closer so as not to break the decoration.

How to install folding doors by yourself

mechanism bookBefore proceeding with the installation, you will need to prepare construction tools. Take a tape measure, miter box, pencil and saw. Do not forget to prepare a screwdriver, hammer drill and jigsaw for work.

You will need to pre-purchase platbands, wooden bars, as well as polyurethane foam for sealing cracks. During the work, fastening accessories for platbands and extensions will come in handy. Another important detail is the MDF panel with a thickness of 2-2.5 cm.

Taking all the necessary tools and materials before installing the door, the book, proceed to the installation. First of all, start at the doorway by removing the old frame. Carefully level the slopes, and fit the extensions (strips that act as a door frame). Use a jigsaw to prepare suitable strips from the panels. Using a dowel, fasten them in the form of the letter “P”. Do not forget to take into account the dimensions of the opening when preparing the extensions..

Install the resulting structure (letter “P”) in the doorway, and drill it with anchors. Mount the fastening hardware for the book door, drilling it at the same distance, as this will avoid distortions. Additionally, use a spirit level to measure correctly. Dobras will hold better if the gap between the wall and the panels is covered with foam..

we fasten two parts of the canvasAttach the door leaf to the frame. When installing the door, first select in which direction the structure will open. Use hinges for the book door, only 3 sets are required, they will perfectly withstand heavy loads.

Do not forget that when installing the structure, it is necessary to drown the hinges in the canvas, so that the distance between the canvas and the extensions is the same. If you do not adhere to this condition, then this will lead to a skew of the door..

Features of mounting a sliding mechanism for book doors

sliding mechanismPrepare the roller carriage, rail and roller guide before installing the sliding mechanism. Using the latter part will make it easier to attach the roller carriage to the door. fastening schemeDo not forget about self-tapping screws and restraints. It is thanks to the limiters when the doors are installed that the leaf will not hit the wall..

The installation process of the mechanism involves the following stages:

  1. If using a level, horizontally attach an aluminum rail to the top of the box. There must be a carriage with rollers in the groove..aluminum rail and carriage
  2. Make sure that the carriage slides smoothly in the middle of the groove..
  3. Attach restraints to the edges of the rail.
  4. Attach the roller guide to one side of the door leaf. Through this procedure, the guide and the roller carriage should be connected.

The folding door system will work as efficiently as possible if, at the end of the assembly, you smear it with lithol. Thanks to this type of lubrication, the mechanism will not corrode and will begin to move as smoothly as possible..

installation steps

Additional measures

interior door design bookEquip the door frame with a floor roller system if the door is heavy. This measure will avoid distortions of the door and various deformations of the mechanism. Try to install the book door according to the instructions and, if necessary, additionally mount an aluminum rail in the floor surface. Place the roller carriage in the rail, and then attach it to the lower area of ​​the door using the roller guide. This system is additionally equipped with anti-dust brushes to prevent dust accumulation in the rail..

Experts advise using closers when installing the door leaf when the model is large or if the mechanism is often opened. Such a system will allow you to smoothly close the door leaf and will not touch anyone..

When attaching the fittings, pay attention to the handles recessed into the door leaf. In the process of closing and opening, such a handle will not damage the wall and the box. Do not forget that in this case, the protruding handle will not work, as it can damage the wall or touch a person passing by..

door book in the interiorInstalling a folding door is not an easy process, but the result is worth the effort. It is as simple as possible to install the door of the book from the video, where all the steps are clearly shown.

Stages of installing the door book – video

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